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Business Connect For Water: Revolutionizing Global Water Solutions

Discover the inspiring journey of Luke Pinneo, the visionary behind Business Connect for Water, a groundbreaking database revolutionizing global water solutions. Explore his transformation from corporate finance to water advocate, and learn how this platform empowers individuals and organizations to make a difference.

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The History of Water Purification

How did people clean their water when things like bacteria and viruses wouldn’t be discovered until centuries later? How were cities able to spring up miles away from running rivers and wells? To understand the history of water purification, we’ll have to go back to the very beginning.

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The Water Collection Gender Gap

The gender gap in water and sanitation affects millions of women and girls worldwide. Inequality in water collection creates increased rates of sexual violence, muscular disorders, inequitable access, and wasted time. Learn more about how you can address these inequalities and close the water gender gap.

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