The road to clean water access is long

You aren't alone on your journey

The Road To Clean Water Access Is Long

You aren't alone on your journey

Business Connect For Water exists as a reliable global resource that educates about and sources clean water solutions, encouraging innovation and advancing our vision of a world where everyone has access to safe drinking water.

Founded in 2010, Business Connect started out as a small team with a single technology and a vision to expand our distribution network. Today, we proudly serve over 80 countries, with our distribution network continuously expanding in both scope and reliability.

What We Do

Business Connect For Water serves as an extension of Business Connect. We are a team committed to curating relevant and reliable content for those interested in alleviating the impact of the world’s water crisis.

How We Do It

While we have our finger firmly on the industry pulse, and a team committed to constantly curating, auditing and editing relevant content, this effort is most certainly one which extends beyond the walls of our humble business. We invite institutions, individuals, and everyone in-between to contribute their eyes & expertise, to suggest edits & introduce new solutions, to offer insights and open doors. We do not compete, we collaborate.

The Why

At Business Connect For Water, we are united by a profound commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Though our primary avenue is through water projects, our ultimate goal is to foster connections among individuals.

We celebrate the collective joy and essence of our shared humanity.

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