About Business Connect For water

Find out more about Our Purpose, What We Do, How We Do It and The Why behind it all.

Mission Statement

Our Purpose

“Business Connect For Water exists to create a reliable global resource that educates, connects, guides, and sources solutions, encouraging innovation and advancing our vision of a world where everyone has access to safe drinking water.”

Founded in 2010, Business Connect started out as a small team with a single technology and a vision to expand our distribution network. Today, we have grown to serve over 80 countries, while continuing to work with that original technology though have added many more along the way as we seek to understand and to meet the every day needs which exists for those we serve.

The Four Pillars

What We Do

Business Connect For Water serves as an extension of Business Connect, and is committed to curating relevant and reliable content, then delivering it in a way which is pleasing to you the end user. The four areas of focus will be (a) what solutions exist for aiding in the alleviation of water poverty, (b) who is doing the work of implementing and caring for those on the ground, (c) what educational resources are available for those seeking to broaden their understanding and effectiveness, and (d) coming alongside as a guide in the process where it might be helpful.
Solutions. Organizations. Education. Consultation.

Our Approach

How We Do It

While we have our finger firmly on the industry pulse and a team committed to constantly curating, auditing and editing relevant content, this effort is most certainly one which extends beyond the walls of our humble business. We invite institutions, individuals, and everyone in-between to contribute their eyes & expertise, to suggest edits & introduce new solutions, to offer insights and open doors. We do not compete, we collaborate.

The Reason

The Why

As a tribe, simply put, we are driven by a need to produce good in the world. While water is our means, humans coming together sharing in the joy of our very existence is our ends.