Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policies

All orders have free shipping within the continental United States. Rush orders will require contacting us to determine the exact amount of the shipping cost.  Our goal is to make delivery within 10 working days of receipt of order. Where this cannot be done, it will be noted on our website and the cost of shipping added to the purchase price.

Return Policy

Business Connect is a broker for various sources of products. Business Connect does not inventory stock. Therefore, we do not have a policy for returning product. However, we are committed to customer satisfaction and should you not be satisfied please let us know and we will do all in our power to rectify this.

Backorder Policy

When product is not available within 10 days of receipt of funds, Business Connect will make every effort to find and make delivery within a reasonable amount of time. Business Connect will give a timeline for delivery. Should this not be acceptable to the customer, all funds will be returned with a full explanation.

Damaged Goods Policy

Each of our suppliers is required to provide high quality undamaged products. Should a damaged product be delivered, the customer will return the item with a full explanation of how it was received and the supplier will replace free of charge.