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About Business Connect in Southern Africa

Business Connect recognizes that addressing local needs requires local expertise. Our Southern Africa Director, Alex Olivier, leads our operations from our distribution hub in Cape Town, South Africa. With over a decade of experience, Alex works closely with regional leaders to develop tailored solutions that prioritize the health and well-being of local communities. Our products undergo rigorous testing and are proven to be effective and versatile.

Our Distributor Program

Our distributor program in Southern Africa is integral to Business Connect’s mission. We highly value our distribution partners who provide invaluable local insights and context, enhancing our global impact. Entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses are welcome to join our distributor network.

Collaboration and partnership are core values within our international distribution team. An excellent example of this collaboration is our partnership with AquaLife, a distributor of our VF100 Home Water Filters across various communities in Southern Africa.

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor of water purification products, apply through the form below.

Water Filters and Home Water Systems

Other Services We Offer

Effective solutions extend beyond products. That’s why we provide assistance every step of the way. Our team is available from 08:00 to 16:15 every day to answer calls, emails, and any questions you might have. Whether you’re researching your next project or seeking guidance, we offer consulting services and a comprehensive database to support informed decisions.

The Scope of Water Issues in Southern Africa

Access to clean water is crucial, especially in the face of increasing natural disasters and droughts. In Southern Africa, millions are affected by water scarcity, impacting agriculture, economy, and health.

At Business Connect, we prioritize effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability in all our products to address these challenges.

Water Purification for Retail Shops

We provide home water purification systems for retail shops in Southern Africa, offering bulk water filters, wholesale bucket filters, and faucet filters. Rigorously tested to international standards and accredited by organizations like WHO, our products ensure safe, clean water for all.

Water Filters for Humanitarian Aid

Our water filters cater to humanitarian needs, purifying water for entire buildings and clinics. Products like the VF500 and Aquatabs InLine help combat waterborne diseases, keeping communities healthy and resilient.

Why Choose Business Connect Southern Africa?

With over 15 years of experience in international humanitarian work, our team is equipped to handle the logistical needs of Southern African countries. Count on our expert consulting and ongoing support to maximize the impact of your projects, big or small.

Our Local Presence

Based in Cape Town, our Southern Africa network is locally serviced, ensuring we understand and address the unique needs of the region. For water purification solutions tailored to Southern Africa, connect with Alex Olivier, our Director based in Cape Town.

Alex would love to chat with you about water purification in Southern Africa.

Phone: +27 82 307 0459
Address: South Africa

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