VF Facility Filters

A Filter for Larger Spaces
Business Connect makes sure to provide high quality drinking water systems and information source! Because everyone deserves clean water, it’s our most basic human right.

Facility Filters Products


Always safe water

0.1 micron absolute water filter. It eliminates bacteria, protozoa, and
cysts to 99.99999% (Log 7) potable water. The removal of bacteria and protozoa is at a higher “log” rate than EPA standard. Also removes 99.1% (Log 2) of viruses.

Simple to use

Set the valves for water flow and clean and safe water is there. Automatic or manual valve settings to backflush.

Simple to install

Attach the unit after your tank, cistern, or municipal source water to provide a point of use clean and safe water.

Larger scale

For Homes, Schools, Hospitals, and other commercial buildings

Fast Flow

Can supply more than 50,000 liters per day. At 40 PSI the rate of flow is 32 liters/minute; works from simple gravity pressure or external pumps as volume needs require

Simple Maintenance

Backflush regularly with simple valve changes – The dual filter design means it always backflushes with clean, safe water

Long Lasting

With proper maintenance, it can last many years without the need for replacement parts or cartridges

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