Osmo Seal & Waterdrop Combo

Osmo Seal & Waterdrop Combo

The Osmo Seal uses forward osmosis technology to filter fresh or saltwater, creating a nutritious, grape-flavored sports drink. Each Seal pouch fills up to 450 ml of water-based hydration. It is perfect for boating emergencies, outdoor wilderness survival or disaster preparedness.



Product Information

  • Highly Effective — 0.0007 micron membrane filter protects against bacteria, viruses, and cysts
  • Globally Certified — EPA Registered and approved
  • Simple to Use — Just place the Seal in fresh or salt water and wait 4-8 hours. For the Waterdrop place the bag in fresh or brackish water and wait 4-6 hours
  • Long Lasting — Each pouch stores for up to 7 years from the date of manufacture
  • Lightweight — At just .15 lb per pouch, it can be carried or stored with ease
  • Improves Taste — Salty, brackish, dirty water is transformed into a flavored sports drink
  • Unique Design — The Seal leverages forward osmosis technology for filtering fresh and salt water and the Waterdrop for filtering fresh and brackish water
  • Versatile Application — Works in a variety of water sources
Osmo filters use forward osmosis technology to filter fresh or brackish water (Waterdrop) or fresh and salt water (Seal), creating a nutritious, flavored sports drink in the process. Each pouch fills up to 400-450 ml of water-based hydration. It is perfect for outdoor wilderness survival or emergency preparedness. In salt water, the Seal generates approximately 230 ml of drink, while in fresh water sources the total volume is about 450 ml. In salt water, the filter generates a survival drink that is approximately 22% sugar. In fresh water, the drink is closer to 10% sugar. The WaterDrop generates approximately a total volume is about 400 ml. In fresh water, the drink is closer to 10% sugar.
  • All-Natural – The refreshing flavored mixture that results from filtering salt, brackish or fresh water is nutrient-based and free from chemical additives. The Seal & Waterdrop is fortified with Vitamin C, Potassium, and Electrolytes.
  • Perfect for Every Adventure – The Seal & Waterdrop can filter water from almost any source. Throw it in the ocean and let it fill with a delicious hydrating sports drink! It is perfectly suited for boating emergencies and outdoor survival.
  • Saves Space – Slim packaging allows the Seal & Waterdrop to be stacked or slotted to create maximum space in any distribution setting. In comparison to bottled water, the Seal & Waterdrop are lightweight and keeps shipping costs low.
  • Effective in Emergencies – The Seal & Waterdrop are a trusted solution by military services around the globe. In an emergency, it is an important source of healthy, nutritious hydration and could be the missing piece in your preparedness kit. The Seal will reject up to 94% of salt in an emergency at-sea.

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