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We envision a world where all people – even in the most remote areas of the globe – hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.  We have seen people’s lives transformed in how they see themselves when they begin to believe that they can move forward; they hold hope for their future. Business Connect addresses the critical need for greater access to vital natural resources, such as water and light, through the creation of a sustainable, local business model in developing countries. The introduction of local employment opportunities in tandem with the availability of affordable green technology products has a tremendous economic impact on local communities. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved health through access to clean water which will stabilize the labor force and reduce time children miss in school and the costs related to their care,
  • Improved health and safety when eliminating or reducing the kerosene usage in homes,
  • More time to study at night, or spend time with family, with the introduction of solar lights,
  • Additional income opportunities such as mobile phone charging or the sale of clean water,
  • Increased direct investment in the community.

Microenterprises are recognized as key contributors to rural job creation and poverty alleviation. Access to credit allows under-resourced people to take advantage of economic opportunities.  Conventional thinking holds the belief that poverty is inevitable and hopeless while we believe that through training and access to resources, people and their enterprises can be developed for success.  

Work, not just jobs or employment, is crucial for human progress.  Of the world’s 7.3 billion people, 3.2 billion are in jobs and many others engage in unpaid care, creative and voluntary work as well as other activities or preparing themselves as future workers.

The 2015 Human Development Report ‘Rethinking Work for Human Developmentexamines the links, both positive and negative, between work and human development in a rapidly changing world of work. Fast globalization, technological revolution, demographic transitions and many other factors are creating new opportunities, but also posing risks. The report examines how the benefits of this new world of work are not equally distributed, generating winners and losers.

At Business Connect, we believe Investing in women is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. We look forward to increasing the number of women-owned businesses in the global south. According to a report published by The United Nations and Exxon Mobil, “Expanding women’s economic opportunities benefits both women and society. Documented benefits include greater investments in children, reduced poverty for all and, perhaps most consequentially, enhanced aspirations for the next generation of girls and women.”  

Increasing investment in young people is also a key component in reducing global poverty, advancing future development as well. There are 1.8 billion young people in the world today, representing a staggering amount of human potential. Yet too many of them are trapped in poverty, with few opportunities to learn or to earn a decent living.  But if these youth are allowed to realize their full potential, developing countries in the global south could see huge economic gains..

Become a Sales Representative, Regional Sales Representative or Country Distributor

Business Connect’s International Team consists of Sales Representatives, Regional Sales Representatives and Country Distributors who work in tandem to maximize the availability of products, providing communities in the developing world or in crisis with greater access to essential and life-enhancing resources while building sound business opportunities that will create more jobs and economic stability.

We encourage donors, NGOs, mission groups, churches and “socially” minded businesses to Sponsor An Entrepreneur to create real change in a person’s life. This funding covers the upfront costs of introducing basic technologies and creating micro-business opportunities in remote communities. The money raised from product sales is reinvested in more technology for this small business enterprise to succeed. We are encouraging more women and young people to begin their new journey with Business Connect.

We are expanding our network of representatives and invite you to join us!

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