215 Families Will Have Access To Clean Drinking Water in Peru

215 Families Will Have Access To Clean Drinking Water in Peru

This is a note I received from one of our partners, Larry Truitt. It’s a great story so I wanted to share it with all of you as we impact the world, families, and individuals through access to clean water.


Back in 1971, I was pastoring a mission church at Ft. Washakie, Wyoming on the Wind River Indian Reservation. The well water had a high content of alkaline and was not safe to drink. We hauled water from a community well three miles away. That was my first encounter with bad drinking water. When we moved back to Indiana I understood the importance of clean drinking water and became an advocate for clean water.

In 2010, I traveled to Belize with my oldest son. He travels all over the world doing building automation and has worked in over forty-five different countries. While in Belize we could not drink the water from the cisterns because of the various types of bacteria and parasites. When I came home from that trip, I started looking for some type of water filter system that would give people in countries where clean water is a problem, safe drinking water. After doing some research I decided that the Sawyer mini water filter was the best choice.

In 2017, a young couple came to our church and presented their mission work in Peru. One of the issues they were faced with was the lack of clean water. I felt that it was important to offer them a solution that would give them clean water. I contacted Business Connect and purchased 25 water filters and sent them to the mission in Peru. The water filters not only gave an entire village access to clean water but opened the door to several other villages. I started this project because I understand what it is like not to have clean safe water.

This project has become a community outreach program to raise money for water filters for the Peru mission project. At the Thorntown Festival of the Turning Leaves on September 28th this year local bluegrass musicians will provide entertainment, and the Sugar Plain Friends Church will provide food and all the proceeds will go to the purchase of water filters for the Peru mission project. It is our goal to raise enough money to purchase 100 water filters and buckets to be used in the Peru project. This will bring the total number of water filters sent to Peru to 215. That is 215 families that will have access to clean drinking water. Below is a picture of the last 40 filters sent.

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