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Mozambique Government Refugee outreach

Refugee Day 2023: Creating Hope Away From Home

This year on World Refugee Day we want to celebrate the incredible strengths and resiliency of millions worldwide who fled their homes and became refugees. Read about how we can create hope away from home, and empower individuals to lead dignified lives through clean water solutions, and hygiene technology.

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global water solutions database Business Connect for Water

Business Connect For Water: Revolutionizing Global Water Solutions

Discover the inspiring journey of Luke Pinneo, the visionary behind Business Connect for Water, a groundbreaking database revolutionizing global water solutions. Explore his transformation from corporate finance to water advocate, and learn how this platform empowers individuals and organizations to make a difference.

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Creating Hope in Cuba

It was a desire and a privilege of Business Connect to travel to Cuba recently. Three of our core team members visited Cuba several weeks ago, and shared what was a wonderfully raw, eye-opening experience which yielded returns in connections made and experiences had. 

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