VF200 Home Pre-Filter

VF200 Home Pre-Filter

The VF200 Home Pre-Filter is designed to attach and work with the VF100 Home Water Filter. By catching large particles in the water, the VF200 helps extend the life of your home water filter. The sponge is infused with activated carbon, which also improves the taste and clarity of your water.



Product Information

  • Highly Effective — Removes large particles of dirt, sand, and silt from highly turbid water
  • Simple to Use — The VF200 easily screws onto the VF100 allowing for near instant installation
  • Fast Flow — Adding the additional filtration stage of the VF200 does not decrease the flow of the primary filter
  • Long Lasting — With proper maintenance the VF200 will up to 5000 liters (1250 gallons)
  • Cost Efficient — The VF200 improves the life of your home water filter
  • Improves Taste — Activated carbon filter works to remove poor taste and odor in the water
  • Easy Maintenance — Just open the casing and clean the sponge under water
  • Reduces Heavy Metals — Lowers the amount of arsenic, lead, and mercury in your drinking water
The VF200 Home Pre-Filter is an add on to the VF100 Home Filter. The VF200 Home Pre-Filter gets placed on the water line before the VF100 Home Filter to help filter out the larger particles so that they do not reach the VF100 Home Filter. This will help extend the life of the VF100 Home Filter and also aids in reducing suspended particles increasing water quality. The VF200 Home Pre-Filter is not a stand-alone filter and must be used in line with the VF100 Home Filter .
  • Wilderness Ready – Worried about muddy or sandy water clogging up your water filter? The VF200 solves this problem by pre-filtering larger particles out of your water supply. This saves your primary filter from getting bogged down by highly turbid water and extends the life of your filter.
  • Natural Flavor – Activated carbon filter improves your waters taste and smell. Enjoy clean and crisp water when using the VF200 pre-filter.
  • Saves Money – Investing in a VF200 is cheaper than purchasing multiple primary filter units. This pre-filter increases the longevity of your primary filter, saving you money in the long run.
  • Reduces Upkeep – As the VF200 prevents larger debris from reaching your primary filter, it reduces how often your primary filter needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the VF200 is also easier than upkeeping a primary filter. Instead of backflushing or cleaning several components, just unscrew the plastic housing and rinse out the inner sponge.

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