VF100 Home Filter

VF100 Home Filter

The VF100 Water Filter is an easy to use water filter that works to remove contaminants from a variety of water sources. The VF100 can be easily attached to any plastic bucket or bottle to provide clean water in minutes. The device is easy to clean and will last for many years when properly maintained.



Product Information

  • Highly Effective — 0.1 micron absolute filter protects against bacteria, protozoa, and cysts
  • Globally Certified — Independently tested and certified by the WHO
  • Simple to Use — Kit includes everything needed to install, use, and maintain the filter
  • Fast Flow — Filter supplies up to 1 liter (.25 gallons) of clean water per minute
  • Long Lasting — With proper maintenance, the VF100 will last up to 10 years
  • Durable — Heavy duty plastic casing provides inner filter cartridge protection against general abuse
  • Unique Design — Included kit adaptors enable the VF100 to connect to buckets, bottles, or directly to a spigot
  • Easy Maintenance — Included luer lock syringe allows for easy backflushing ensuring the filter’s longevity
The VF100 Home Filter  is a versatile, portable filter that comes with a variety of adapters allowing you to connect it up to most water bottles or a bucket and a standard outdoor tap with a threaded outlet, even connected it right to your water tank if it has a standard threaded faucet. The VF100 Home Filter enables you to filter municipal water straight from your own tap or water collected from rivers, dams or streams. With no replacement parts need the VF100 Home Filter has the added benefit of years of use if properly maintained by back flushing after each use. Included in the package are all the connectors, adaptors and tubing needed to connect the VF100 Home Filter to the above-mentioned outlets and containers quickly and easily. To increase the lifespan of the VF100 Home Filter even further and to provide additional filtration, it is recommended to pair it up with the VF200 Home Pre-Filter.
  • Natural Flavor – Enjoy great tasting water with every sip. The VF100 cleans water without the use of chemicals or other additives.
  • Worry Free Approach – Don’t stress about dirty water on your next outdoor adventure. Use the VF100 for peace of mind when hiking and camping through the backcountry.
  • Hassle Free – The VF100 makes cleaning easy! In the event that the back flushing syringe is lost, a plastic coke bottle can be used to clean the filter.
  • Improves Standard of Living – By eliminating harmful bacteria from an individual’s drinking water, people spend less time sick. This helps keep children in school and allows adults more time at work to provide for their families.

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