ROAMfilter Plus 2

ROAMfilter Plus 2

The Waterroam ROAMfilter Plus is a portable water filtration system deployed at the water source. Slim and efficient, the Plus will provide water for large groups of people, making it perfect for prepositioning in emergency or for rural development.



Product Information

  • Highly Effective — 0.02 ultrafiltration membrane removes viruses, bacteria, and protozoa
  • Globally Certified — Independently certified by the WHO and implemented by the Red Cross
  • Simple to Use — Rest inlet hose into a water source and hand pump fresh water into a container
  • Fast Flow — Better weight-to-flow rate than competition at up to 200 L/hr
  • Long Lasting — Filters for a total life of up to one million liters
  • Durable — Body made from strong thermoplastic PVC
  • Easy Maintenance — Simple step-by-step forward flush cleaning feature ensures sustained filter use
  • Versatile Application — Filter can be installed inline or hand pumped for immediate use
Introducing the Waterroam ROAMfilter Plus 2, the ultimate portable water filtration system for any water need. With its slim and efficient design, the Plus 2 is perfect for large groups of people, making it an excellent choice for emergency prepositioning or rural development. With the Plus 2, you can enjoy safe and clean water anywhere. It removes harmful contaminants, even from turbid or standing water sources. Its unique hand pump design eliminates the need for electricity, making it ideal for use in areas without power. The Plus 2 can bring water to small communities during emergencies, providing a lifeline when needed the most. This lightweight and portable water filter is perfect for backpacking, camping, travel, or home use. Its 0.02 ultrafiltration membrane filters out contaminants in all kinds of freshwater sources, ensuring your water is always safe to drink. With an impressive manual filtering flow rate of up to 200 liters/hour, the Plus 2 can keep up with providing water for even the largest groups of people. Backflushing options help prolong the lifespan of this portable water filter, ensuring it stays reliable for years to come. Say goodbye to smaller straw or personal filters and upgrade to the Waterroam ROAMfilter Plus 2 for communities of people. With the Plus 2, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have access to safe and clean drinking water wherever you go.
  • Perfect for Every Adventure: Bring the Plus along with you for your group camping excursion and become the hero of the crew. The Plus will provide high-quality filtered water to large groups of people.
  • Easily Accessible: The filtration system can be implemented right away, without power, and wherever fresh water exists. Feel peace of mind wherever you roam or in times of natural disaster when electricity is scarce.
  • Filter Direct from the Source: Bring the ROAMfilter Plus to any fresh water source and let it filter out harmful contaminants. Trust it to filter even turbid or standing water.
  • No Power Needed: The ROAMfilter Plus has a unique hand pump design, removing the need for electricity. In an emergency, it can bring water to small communities in areas without power.

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