Understanding the Global Water Crisis

It Starts Here

This platform is designed to combat a myriad of issues that range from water insecurity, scarcity and pollution, to inadequate infrastructure, and the consequences of climate change on water accessibility. Together, these problems form an interconnected web which we often refer to collectively as the global water crisis. It is an all encompassing term that we use interchangeably when discussing topics that range from alarming increases in the severity of droughts, to high levels of biological contaminants, chemicals and heavy metals in freshwater lakes. 

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Global Water Crisis at a Glance

The consequences of the global water crisis are far-reaching. 

2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water.

4 billion people experience severe water insecurity at least one month out of the year. 

3.4 million people die each year from water-related illnesses.

5 billion people are projected to face water shortages by 2050.

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Mission and Purpose

The worldwide water crisis is complex, with many actors, and a constantly changing landscape. That is why we believe it is critical to stay up to date on what is happening in the world of water. To best solve the global water crisis, we must first understand the multitude of problems that characterize it. 

The global water crisis is not a peripheral issue. Its scope is massive and no region, country, or individual is spared from its effects. As climate change ushers in an entirely new set of conditions for humanity to contend with, our existing environmental crises will only continue to worsen.

 It is Business Connect for Water’s purpose to generate collaboration rather than competition for an issue that we all have a great stake in. Creating a space where global cooperation can begin is central to our mission, and a journey that we invite you to take part in. Together, we can end water insecurity. 

Collective Knowledge

The Knowledge Hub is designed as an enrichment tool to build and grow. It will provide both end-users and organizations the opportunity to learn more about the root causes and consequences of the global water crisis, as well as everything that is being done to mitigate its effects. It allows users to gain insight into how to approach water insecurity around the world. Education is an invaluable starting point to anyone’s journey of creating change. Whether you are an individual who simply wants to know more, or an organization seeking data on the needs of a potential project landscape, this digital library of resources is here to support your information needs, every step of the way. 

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Learning Simplified

We’ve worked to begin the ambitious task of compiling all the relevant information in the world of water. Your organization and individual needs are expansive and complex and it is our mission to be able to meet those varying needs. 

Our goal is to streamline the educational process regardless of whether you are a student doing a homework assignment or an organization laying the informational groundwork for a potential project. We’ve begun gathering articles and research from reputable sources into a single library where you can search and filter by a multitude of different dimensions. Our goal is to provide the ability to quickly access all the available information on specific topics like water scarcity, waterborne illnesses, or any other subtopic in the field without having to vet your sources, or scour the internet for hours. 

It Starts Here

The Knowledge Hub is also designed to be a continuously evolving tool. With news and research added to the already expansive library on a consistent basis, we are continuing to build and expand on our collective knowledge. As the landscape changes and evolves, we envision the Knowledge Hub growing and changing alongside it.

Your journey in the world of water begins at the Knowledge Hub. Begin exploring the ever growing digital library of resources designed to aid you in your initiatives to combat global water insecurity. Climate change ushers in a new wave of challenges that organizations and individuals worldwide must work to mitigate. To provide the world with clean water is a hefty endeavor, and will take cooperation on a global scale, but it starts here.

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 Discover hundreds of water filtration and water purification technologies in the Solutions Database. Explore and compare water treatment products and find which is the right one for you or your next community outreach initiative. More solutions added every day with water storage, testing, and sourcing information available soon.  


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