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Agents of Change

All around the world hundreds of water-related organizations and individuals have dedicated their time, efforts, and resources to mitigating the world water crisis. They work tirelessly to expand access to a vital resource that 2 billion people lack safe access to. Whether it is IGOs, NGOs, or businesses around the world, these are the organizations that are agents of change when it comes to the world water landscape. It is through these structures that positive change is generated, and the lives of people around the globe transformed. 
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Embracing Cooperation

In the Organizations Database, we’ve collected key actors working in the WASH sphere. By browsing different organizations you can understand more about their particular niche and industry focus, as well as which communities they serve, and where. Understanding the work that is being done is essential to continuing to serve populations in need all around the globe. 

Streamlining Collaboration

With all of the relevant clean water organizations gathered in one place, it has never been easier to expand your network, and connect with others. The Organizations Database serves as a tool to help you find potential partners and collaborate with others on projects and initiatives. Knowledge sharing, joint efforts, and new partnerships are formed out of these connections and helps expedite the work that is being done to combat water insecurity.

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Navigating the Landscape

We understand that with so many organizations working in the WASH sector, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Organizations and end-users can end up asking questions like:

  1. Who shares my specific industry focus?
  2. Which clean water organizations are working in a region I want to expand to?
  3. Who can I work with that’s already in a country my organization operates in?
  4. Which groups can supplement a need I can’t meet?

We want to help you answer these questions, and more. Depending on your need, you can filter based on a number of different factors including size, organization type, location of impact, and headquarters location.

Once you find an organization that you’re looking for, you can discover more about them, as well as easily access their website for more information. The database puts all your potential network connections into one place. 

Featured Clean Water Organizations

The featured organizations aspect of the database allows us to highlight key players in the industry as well as celebrate them and the work that they do. We believe that valuable contributions should never go unnoticed, and creating an area to spotlight those contributors is important to us. This also allows for new organizations to get on your radar, and for cross-collaboration to occur within the WASH sphere. Additionally, newly added or created clean water organizations have the ability to introduce and showcase themselves as a new player.

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Join the Network

Are you new to the WASH space, or don’t see yourself in the Organizations Database? Do not hesitate to reach out to us as a representative will discuss incorporating your organization. Our goal is to include all those working to end water insecurity. There is no fee or cost associated with joining the ever growing list of potential partners and connections. If you are part of an organization that already finds itself in the database, we encourage you to explore the other tools and resources available at Business Connect for Water such as the Knowledge Hub, Solutions Database, and Consultation Tool.

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Knowledge Hub

Use the database of resources collected to learn more about the global water crisis and its interconnected issues from water scarcity to pollution. Access the Knowledge Hub, a continuously evolving digital library, to gain insights, solutions, and deepen your understanding. Start your journey in the world of water and contribute to ending global water insecurity today.


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Solutions Database

 Discover hundreds of water filtration and water purification technologies in the Solutions Database. Explore and compare water treatment products and find which is the right one for you or your next community outreach initiative. More solutions added every day with water storage, testing, and sourcing information available soon.   

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Consultation Service

Discover everything certified WASH experts have to offer. Search for a consultant for your next clean water project and utilize their industry experience and expertise. Plus, enjoy your first 15 minutes free!