Something that we love about our work at Business Connect is that we have the opportunity to partner with many great distributors around the world who are bringing clean water to those in need. One of those distributors is Mike Wolfe who moved to Honduras seven and a half years ago. The goal of this move was to work on a water purification project in a small community. As he began the work, he found that the system the community used was quite complicated, costly and required a trained person to maintain it. He thought that there must be something out there that was simple, inexpensive, portable and easy to use. Through this search, he found Business Connect. 

In partnership with us, Mike and his family created a business based in Siguatepeque, Honduras. Him, his wife and their three adult sons own and operate the business. They believe that pure water is something absolutely attainable for every human being on the planet. Whether it’s provided through donations or through retail sales, no one should be drinking contaminated water. Their goal is to raise awareness that low cost filtration methods are available and available to everyone. With this goal in mind, they created a multi-faceted business. This business includes a water filter project for schools, partnerships with NGOs, a well-drilling company, and a newly established retail store.

As they realized the need for children to have clean water for healthy development, their company created a water filter project called Agua Limpia para las Escuelas. Through this project, they have installed filters in over 400 rural schools. As they provide clean water, they share about the importance of drinking clean water with the kids and provide the teachers with training and support about how to use the filters.

They also work with many NGOs in various communities around Honduras. A key part of what they offer when they sell the filters is on the ground training, in-country warranty and 24/7/365 product support. In communities that take their commitment to drinking only purified water through filtration seriously, they have seen huge improvements in the collective health of the community, especially the children. 

In addition to working with rural schools and partnering with NGOs, they drill many wells through their company called Pozos para Todos. This has helped expand their clean water business and reach even more people in need.

Over the years, they have been able to distribute many water filters and have had a great impact, yet it seemed almost impossible to break into this developing country’s retail market. It has always been their dream to create their own store and this dream is finally becoming a reality. Recently they opened Inversiones Wolfe Honduras. They hope to bring increased brand recognition and awareness that there is a better solution than bottled water. Their goal is to have everything from water filters to well technology represented at their store.

We are looking forward to hearing how this retail store grows and continuing partnering with Mike Wolfe and his family. It is great to hear and share the stories of our distributors in the field. If you have a unique story that you would like to share or you would like to partner in this work, please reach out to us. We want to continue to reach more and more people with clean water everyday.

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