The Best Portable Water Filtration Systems for Disaster Relief

Business Connect sells portable water filtration systems that can be used for disaster relief. See how our filters can help your organization.
Julia Hall
January 30, 2024

By Julia Hall & Cameron Barnes

Portable water filtration systems can be an essential tool to bring clean, drinkable water to victims of a natural disaster or similar emergency. Make sure you have a reliable, easy-to-carry system that you can deploy when the need arises.

How Do Portable Water Filters Work?

There are a range of portable water filters that you could deploy in an emergency. Some require water pressure to use, while others include hand pumps that will allow you to create that pressure for yourself. We have filters that can serve individuals and families, as well as filters that can produce enough water for 100 people every hour.

Effective Portable Water Filters for Disaster Relief


The Puribag is a highly portable, family-sized water purification and filtration device. It has a 10-liter bag that is designed to be used with P&G Purifier of Water Packets, which can kill 99% of harmful microorganisms in water within 30 minutes. The Puribag comes with 12 packets, and you can order more from our website. When you’re done using the Puribag, you can roll it up for easy transportation or storage.

ROAMfilter Mini 2

Light and compact, while still able to pump enough water for 10 people in an hour, the ROAMfilter Mini 2 packs many of the same features as the Plus 2, at a more affordable price. It also has a 0.02-micron ultrafiltration membrane that removes harmful microorganisms and carries the same certification by the World Health Organization. This filter can be used inline if you have electricity and water pressure, or it can be hand-pumped if you do not.

Grifaid Family Filter

The Grifaid Family Filter can be attached to a bucket of water to pump and filter water through manual labor. It has a 0.01-micron ultrafiltration membrane, and it has been independently certified by the World Health Organization. The Grifaid also has a flow of up to two liters per minute, and it has an operating life of up to five years. Its built-in back flushing and purging system also means that it requires little to no maintenance.

Who Can Benefit from an Emergency Water Filtration System?

  • International aid organizations: Nonprofit organizations that respond to natural disasters and humanitarian crises can greatly benefit from having portable and effective water filters on hand.
  • Governments and militaries: When governments and militaries respond to crises that cover large areas, portable water filters allow them to help people across a wide range of towns, villages, and homes.
  • Individuals: Many people like to keep portable water filters at home in case of emergencies. Also, while these filters have proven invaluable during natural disasters, many of them can be used for camping, international travel, and other activities.

More Tools for Disaster Relief

Water filters are just one of the tools that you can use to help people during a natural disaster or similar event. Water purification tablets such as Aquatabs can kill harmful microorganisms in water quickly and effectively, and hundreds of them can be quickly and easily dispersed to individuals in the wake of a disaster. Products such as the P&G Purifier of Water are perfect for use with water that has suspended materials since they collect the material and make it sink to the bottom through a process called flocculation. Sanitation and hygiene products such as the Crud Cloth can also be invaluable in preventing the spread of disease by helping people stay clean without running water.

Business Connect can offer these products wholesale to international aid groups and businesses in developing countries. Reach out to our team to find out what discounts are available on wholesale purchases.


Business Connect’s Mission

At Business Connect, we understand that poverty is about more than just income disparities. It can include long trips just to access necessities like firewood and uncontaminated water. It can also mean recurring cases of preventable waterborne illnesses, which tragically claim the lives of millions of children below the age of five every year.

Our mission was born from our personal experiences of living, working, and raising families in multiple African countries, including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa. After immersing ourselves in these regions and neighboring communities, we realized that a lasting solution for poverty involves not just supplying crucial resources such as clean water, but also igniting local economies.

We work with NGOs, nonprofits, and other organizations to empower local communities to provide clean water while creating economic opportunities.

Talk to Our Team

If you have questions about any of our products, or if you’re interested in joining our mission, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to our team to learn how Business Connect can help your efforts to improve access to clean drinking water.

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