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Water Desalinators

With Purpose, Products, And People

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Water Desalinators

With Purpose, Products, And People

Business Connect offers a wide assortment of essential and environmentally safe, life-enhancing products to benefit those who need them the most.

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Water Desalinators

In areas where freshwater is hard to come by, an effective and reliable desalinator is a vital asset. Business Connect has small and personal water desalinators as well as large desalinators capable of treating thousands of gallons of water per day. Not only do our desalination machines remove salt from the water, but they also filter out protozoa, bacteria, and viruses to make it safe to drink.



Uzima Z-RO System

The Uzima Z-RO System is one of the best portable desalinators on the market. It uses high-grade reverse osmosis filters to remove salt, microorganisms, and radioactive materials in a matter of minutes. The Z-RO is also compact, lightweight, and on wheels to make it easy to move in an emergency.

Osmo WaterDrop and Seal

The Osmo WaterDrop is a portable desalinator that works by converting brackish water into a nutritious, orange-flavored sports drink. Each WaterDrop holds up to 400 ml of water and finishes treating freshwater between 4–6 hours and brackish water between 6–8 hours. The Osmo Seal is a similar product that turns fresh or salt water into a grape-flavored sports drink within 4–8 hours. Osmo products are popular with military services and are a great option for hiking and disaster preparation due to their convenient storage capabilities. Their lightweight design also keeps shipping costs down.

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Our Mission

At Business Connect, we understand that poverty encompasses more than just income disparities. It can include long journeys just to access basic necessities like firewood and uncontaminated water. It can also mean recurring bouts of preventable waterborne illnesses, tragically claiming the lives of millions of children below the age of five. Our mission was born from our personal experiences of residing, working, and raising families in multiple African countries, including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa. Having immersed ourselves in these regions and neighboring communities, we recognize that a lasting remedy for poverty involves not only supplying crucial resources such as clean water but also igniting local economies. We work with NGOs, nonprofits, and other organizations to empower local communities to provide clean water while creating economic opportunities.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many desalinators work through reverse osmosis, which removes salt by moving water through a semi-permeable membrane and filtering out the larger salt particles. This requires a pump to apply a high degree of pressure to the water to move it through the membrane.

Another common method is distillation, which uses heat and pressure to boil water and create freshwater vapor. Some desalination machines run the water through multiple chambers or vessels to boil the water and create vapor before collecting it.

Business Connect offers a wide range of desalination projects for a broad set of needs. Some of our products are designed to continuously provide safe drinking water in developing countries, while others are ideal for short-term disaster situations or everyday hiking trips. There are products available to treat seawater, brackish water, or wastewater, and they can be used by municipalities, hospitals, farms, and individual houses.

While the most effective way to remove salt from water is to use a desalination machine, it is possible to desalinate a small amount of water without one in an emergency. One method is to collect water into a cup and set that cup into a bowl with plastic wrap or a similar type of covering on top. Afterward, place the bowl out in sunlight or in another heated area. As the water evaporates from the cup, it will collect onto the covering and fall back down into the bowl, leaving the salt behind in the cup.

Have Questions About Water Desalinators?

Ready to talk about how Business Connect desalination machines can help your home or community? Let us know, and we’d be happy to answer all of your questions. We also have a wide range of other water filtration, purification, and personal hygiene products available.