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Clean water projects often require expert insight.

Business Connect For Water’s Consultation resource provides a solution to this problem by offering a growing list of global water filtration and treatment experts who are available for consultation on a variety of issues. 
Access to clean water is a fundamental human need, yet the world is still facing a severe water crisis, impacting the lives of billions of people. This crisis has led to increased poverty, illness, and even death, and it is up to all of us to take action.
Non-governmental organizations, businesses, and various end-user groups, including organizations like Rotarians, are actively involved in implementing clean water projects within their communities. However, they often face challenges in finding the right experts to consult with, especially while doing work in areas lacking adequate infrastructure and resources. Groups may find themselves asking more questions than they’d like to during their planning process. Questions like: 
  1. How do I get started on a clean water project? 
  2. What is the best solution, product, or technology for the area I am working in? 
  3. How can I help others, and after helping, provide them with tools to sustain themselves?

This is a pathway to experts who will answer your questions.

The Consultation resource connects members with experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in water filtration and treatment. These experts provide guidance on choosing the right filtration systems, designing and implementing effective water treatment programs, and sharing best practices for water conservation and sustainable water management.

Consultation is for businesses and NGOs.

The Consultation resource’s collaborative approach also provides members with a platform to share their experiences and learn from one another. This approach fosters innovation and accelerates progress towards solving the global water crisis. NGOs and businesses can leverage the expertise of consultants to more effectively and efficiently address the unique challenges of their projects, ultimately making a significant impact in their communities.


Consultation is for end-users, communities, and nonprofit organizations.

End-users, such as individuals and communities, can also benefit from consultation. For example, a community struggling with contaminated water sources can use this platform to find consultants who can help them design and implement a community water filtration system that meets their specific needs. This can improve the health and wellbeing of community members, promote economic development by increasing access to clean water, and build a more sustainable future for all it serves.

Consultation is for all.

Business Connect For Water’s Consultation resource is a valuable resource for anyone working towards combating the global water crisis. By connecting members with a network of global water filtration and treatment experts, the platform helps accelerate progress towards achieving universal access to clean water and sanitation. Whether you are an NGO, a business, or an end-user, the Consultation resource can provide the expertise and support you need to make a meaningful impact in your community. Let us work together to create a world where everyone has access to clean water.


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