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Business Connect For Water + Lions Club: a partnership that aims to serve others. We provide members exclusive tools for their clean water projects.

Join the partnership between Business Connect For Water and Lions Club to serve others and improve access to clean water. Discover exclusive membership benefits, resources, success stories, and tools for your water projects.

Welcome, Lions!

As members of the Lions Club community, we know that you are committed to making a difference in the world and improving the lives of those in need. Access to water is a fundamental human right, and one we strive to always advocate for. 

Our partnership exists to place Business Connect For Water’s technology and resources into the hands of Lions. Through data-driven, sustainable resource management, our platform can become your club’s tool of choice. 

Why Join Business Connect For Water?

Lions Club members engaged in clean water initiatives may require various resources and expertise to implement their projects effectively. Business Connect For Water can assist Lions by connecting them with relevant businesses that can provide support, such as technology solutions, equipment, engineering services, or logistical assistance. This partnership could enhance the capacity of Lions Club members to implement their clean water projects successfully.

Through partnership and information exchange, our Lions Club network actively contributes to advancing universal access to clean water and sanitation, aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We understand the vision of Lions Club members, and that’s why we have designed exclusive advantages tailored specifically for Lions who join our platform.

When Lions Club members become part of our network, they gain access to a range of membership benefits.


Membership Benefits for Lions

  • Meeting opportunities with Business Connect For Water leaders
  • Full database of updated water crisis information 
  • Exclusive newsletters for Lions
  • A wealth of possibility for Lions Club project insight
P&G Purifier of Water Clean Water Projects

Project Success Story: Malawi

This year, Malawi has suffered its worst cholera outbreak in recorded history. Business Connect had the privilege of hearing from Heidi Rickels, director of Freshwater Project International, about her experience in ordering 500 boxes of P&G Purifier of Water packets from Business Connect during the epidemic. 

“We got our delivery of packets from Business Connect, which – yay! – and the process was so quick. I think we wrote the grant in November to get those and we had them by mid-January, which is really incredible,”
Heidi Rickels
Executive Director, Freshwater Project International

Heidi provided later that those P&G packets were delivered via ambulance to the appropriate villages in Malawi. With help from a network of organizations, distributors, and representatives, Rickels was able to hear stories of people in several remote villages getting the relief they needed.

Resources and Tools

Business Connect for Water stands on the foundation of four key pillars, which we call the Solutions Database, the Organizational Database, the Knowledge Hub, and the Consultation resource.

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