A More Sustainable Alternative To Your Kitchen Filter: Coldstream Products

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Our Pick For A Sustainable, PFA-Reducing Kitchen Filter: Coldstream

The National Sanitation Foundation has tested the UK’s own Coldstream in-home water filters, now 95% plastic-free and now available in the US. 


How To Remove PFAs From Your Drinking Water

Business Connect offers three Coldstream products currently available in the United States. The Coldstream Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter System, the Coldstream Undercounter Water Purification System, and the Coldstream FTO Plus Ceramic Gravity Water Filter. 

The countertop and under-counter units both utilize Coldstream’s MAX filter, a leading filter element rigorously tested and confirmed to reduce contaminants including PFAS, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, and even fluoride. To shop Coldstream, head to our shop and select “Water Filtration.”

The Issue: PFAs, Odors, and Microplastics In Your Home’s Water

Living as a consumer within our dynamic climate, polluted communities, and the ebb-and-flow of the news cycle can be exhausting. People in the United States are looking for more environmentally-friendly products that hold true to their promises.

The water you drink at home is essential to your wellbeing. And now, more than ever, Americans are concerned about their water supply: and for good reason. Per Environment America, rising concern is related to contaminants we can’t see or smell—like PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and microplastics. In a 2022 study, researchers found PFAs in more than 80% of the water sources they sampled. 

PFAs are known as “forever chemicals” as they are resistant to breaking down in any natural environment. The image below is a contamination map of the United States as of August 18 per EWG and the EPA. 

Microplastics are nearly invisible fragments of forms of plastic in your home’s water. They are particularly harmful because they act as a medium for other toxic substances. The full extent of the effect of microplastics on human health is unknown, but studies have shown them to be endocrine disruptors. This means that at the very least they’re expected to interfere with our hormonal processes which can lead to endocrine, metabolic, developmental, and reproductive disorders. 

Further, communities in the United States are now experiencing issues that range from water main breaks, to natural disasters, to failing infrastructure that all put their home’s water supply at risk. In order to protect themselves from the health risks of waterborne contaminants, both short and long-term, many Americans are taking things into their own hands and equipping their homes with point-of-use and integrated system water filters. 

Fresh Water At The Flip Of A Switch: Stainless-Steel Countertop System

The countertop application of the Coldstream MAX filter element is sleek, modern, and elevates your tap water. The stainless steel outfitting is scratch-resistant and comes equipped with a diverter valve that allows you to engage or disengage the filter. 

This consequently extends the lifetime of your filter and can reduce your costs over time. The system easily attaches to a kitchen faucet and requires less than 10 minutes to set up. 

PFA Reducing Filter


Compatibility and Convenience: FTO Plus Cartridge

FTO+ stands for fluoride, taste, odor and more. Coldstream’s FTO+ is made for gravity water filtration systems such as the Berkey and British Berkefeld Gravity Systems, as well as Coldstream’s own gravity system.

Coldstream’s FTO Plus has been tested for hundreds of contaminants. It is a top-rated filter on Trustpilot for dependability. Use it as a replacement filter for your home gravity system anytime you need one. 


Drink From The Tap: Under Sink System

The Coldstream Undercounter Water Purification System guarantees a great-tasting water supply without complication. Thanks to its swift installation process, you can enjoy access to clean drinking water on the very same day.

The operation of this system involves connecting it to your kitchen’s cold water pipe. The water pressure from the mains system propels the water through the MAX filter, which incorporates a ceramic and carbon rod.


Best In-Home Filter For You And The Planet

Coldstream offers a range of products that are distinct in their commitment to environmental sustainability. Their manufacturing facility, located in the UK, is equipped with on-site wind turbines and solar panels, ensuring that the entire production process has a remarkably low carbon footprint, making it highly sustainable.

Coldstream’s ceramic filters are sourced from diatomaceous earth, a natural and eco-friendly material. This sets them apart from many filters available in the market that rely on plastic or synthetic materials, which are less environmentally friendly.

All filter elements also contain activated carbon to further rid your water of contaminants and improve taste and odor. By utilizing the power of these naturally occurring materials, the filter cartridge that both the countertop and under counter systems come equipped with is over 95% plastic free and compostable.

With nearly 20% of Americans drinking only bottled water, Coldstream has set its sights on reducing waste by letting consumers enjoy pure water from the tap that they already have. From the first stage of production, to when it makes its way into your home, it’s clear that Coldstream presents a truly eco-friendly and sustainable solution to obtaining clean water. From pre-production to disposal, Coldstream cares about what their products do to the Earth—not their bottom line.

Coldstream’s Rigorous Testing Standards

Aside from their commitment to environmentally friendly practices, Coldstream also boasts some of the best contaminant removal rates on the market. While other brands struggle to fight off lawsuits for false claims and misleading advertising, Coldstream stands out from the crowd by passing rigorous testing to NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53 and P231 by independent laboratories. 

These powerful filters safeguard the user from microbial threats, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and HAA5 contaminants. Why can we claim Coldstream as a best water filter as PFAs? Coldstream tackles a subcategory of ’emerging contaminants’  such as >94% of PFAs, PFOs, and PFOAs. All in all, according to their performance data sheets, over 250 contaminants are removed by the newly launched Coldstream products. These offer a stark difference in quality when compared to your average 0.1 micron home filter. 

Additionally, these cartridges’ seamless integration into gravity-fed systems such as the Berkey standup system, allows you to enjoy Coldstream quality without having to buy a costly new system. Or, you can choose from Coldstream’s own sleek stainless steel design for countertops, or the undercounter system to drink straight from the tap. 

Making The Right Choice For In-Home Filtration

We are proud to present our best water filters for PFAs, microplastics, chemicals, and other contaminants. Coldstream products are manufactured with the utmost quality materials and with sustainable energy sources, so that is why we have chosen them for our choice for these contaminants. You and your family deserves only the best water.

It can be difficult to know how to make the right choice when shopping for water filters for you and your loved ones. At Business Connect, we source the utmost quality for you and yours. If you are curious about any of the products we carry, or want to know more of the evidence of their quality, get in touch with us. You can always contact us by emailing us at contact@businessconnectworld.com or filling out our contact form. 

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