A Convenient Place to Wash Hands

According to the UN, each day nearly 1,000 children die due to preventable water and sanitation related diarrhoeal diseases. This is intolerable and wholly unnecessary. SaniTap’s mission is to ensure that safe drinking water and adequate hygiene is available to everyone who needs it. 

Rural and peri-urban Africa is littered with broken-down drinking water infrastructure. They rehabilitate access and ensure ongoing maintenance through a novel business model that leverages innovative financing mechanisms. This restores access to safe water for hundreds of thousands of people and provides a path towards true long-term sustainability. 

Handwashing with soap – especially after using a toilet, when cooking food or before eating – can be even more effective for preventing disease than safe water. Unfortunately, the vast majority of low-income people and refugees lack running water at home. Because adults and older children have already built-up resistance, young children are especially at risk. This innovative solution makes it possible to effectively wash hands with soap, in the absence of running water.


Innovative functionality prevents ‘second touch point’ contamination and saves water.

To avoid recontamination of washed hands, our unique spout design easily pulls down with just two fingers, and can be closed by a gentle upwards tap with the back of the hand. The net keeps the bar of soap conveniently near the flow of water and prevents the bar from falling on the ground or getting lost.

To minimise the use of water, important in water-scarce environments, the spout dispenses a minimal amount of water that is more than sufficient to wash hands. The device can conveniently be hung by a nail or from a stick and delivers 3 litres of water over 10 minutes – that’s enough for a family of 5 to wash their hands 3 times a day.  

Collapsible design enables rapid (air) shipping

The SaniTap’s collapsible and light-weight design enables rapid shipping and distribution, making it the ideal product for air lifting – vital during rapid-response emergencies.

Having passed rigorous field testing, the product is robust and will serve an average family for over one year. The design includes UV protection; however for optimal durability it is advised to keep the product out of direct sunlight, as with all plastics. The spout has been rated for ten thousand handwashing episodes.

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