An All-In-One Portable Sink

Over 3 billion people in the world do not have a handwashing facility at home. 

With this statistic in mind, HappyTap Co. created the world’s leading portable sink. It is purpose-built for handwashing, and mass-produced which makes it affordable and easy to deploy at large scale. 

Key Features

Effective – The tap was referenced by WHO and UNICEF as a solution for COVID-19 response

Ease of Use – Instant set-up and portability for deployment wherever most needed

Water-Efficient – Low-flow tap and 15 liter tank allows for 50 to 70 uses per fill

Durable – Food-grade material; built to last under tough usage conditions

Intuitive Design – Striking design serves as a visual cue for handwashing

Removes Barriers – Makes handwashing convenient and fun, bringing soap and water together in a dedicated place

Customizable – Available in a variety of custom colors (on volume purchases)



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