5 Nonprofits To Support This Giving Tuesday

5 Nonprofits to Support this giving tuesday

By Julia Hall & Cameron Barnes

If Thanksgiving has left you feeling grateful (and full in general), and you’re looking for a way to give back, let us help! For this Giving Tuesday, we have compiled a list of 5 sustainable, creative, and conscientious nonprofits in the water sector with whom you can trust your donations. Each of these organizations are dedicated to helping end water scarcity, one person at a time.

Water4Life Global

“Building a healthy and sustainable future for Guatemala, starting with clean water.”

This holistic nonprofit organization works closely with local communities to increase water literacy and accessibility in Guatemala. What we admire the most about Water4Life Global is their multifaceted approach to water scarcity and their emphasis on education. They not only provide water filters to areas in need, but also invest in community leaders by providing training on safe hygiene and sanitation practices.

 In this way, they don’t create one-time solutions, but rather build a sustainable framework that can last lifetimes. When you give to Water4Life Global, you’re giving to an organization that values growth, sustainability, and improvement.

This year, they are working to further expand their educational program, bringing on new staff and increasing project bandwidth. For this Giving Tuesday, they are holding a match pot fundraiser. Every dollar donated will be matched by generous donors up to $5,000! What’s more is that 100% of your donation will be tax-free deductible as a charitable contribution. If you’re looking for a reliable, dedicated nonprofit in the WASH sector to support this holiday season, we can’t recommend Water4Life Global enough.

To donate to Water4Life Global and participate in their fundraiser, visit their website by clicking the logo below and keep an eye out for the Giving Tuesday campaign pop up page.


“Helping people reach their created potential through physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.”

A dynamic nonprofit, Goodjustice works primarily in Honduras and Malawi to provide clean water to families without it. Focusing on individual families, Goodjustice has networks of young volunteers that aid their efforts in stopping by each home and asking if that family needs water. 

The organization believes that to achieve lasting change, families require support in product education as well as follow-up. This grassroots approach is an effective way to identify and address specific needs within the community.

For Giving Tuesday, consider a donation to Goodjustice; providing water to a family for several years is only $50. After donating, you can expect follow-up from Goodjustice. The organization tracks all of their water filters by way of GIS mapping services and can, in real-time, check the status of that filter. Upon implementation of the water filter, Goodjustice always asks the family for a photo with the water filter. Feel the joy of seeing the way that your resources directly affect other people—especially during the warmth of the holiday season. 

Head over to the Goodjustice website by clicking the logo below and see all of their donation options, stories, and photos of implementation in Honduras and Malawi.


“Water Relief for Africa.”

Inspired by the mission of nurturing gardens in South Africa, 28Bold is a non-profit focused on providing water relief efforts across multiple nations in Africa. The origins of this non-profit stemmed from a transformative trip to South Africa, where the founder dedicated time to building gardens. Unfortunately, the gardens could not be sustained due to insufficient access to water. So became 28Bold, operating in 4 countries within Africa, with 14 wells completed so far, directly impacting over 20,000 people.

28Bold states that its focus is on philanthropy and good work, and its ultimate mission is to provide clean water. The name, 28Bold, was inspired by the scripture in Proverbs 28: “The righteous are as bold as lions.” It is estimated that 28Bold has reached more than half a million people with these water projects, yet they say there is much more work to be done. Beyond just providing clean water, they give life, hope, and opportunity for communities to thrive.

This Giving Tuesday, visit their website and learn more about how you can contribute to the mission through donations, becoming a sponsor of an upcoming project or fundraiser, or even joining in and helping on an upcoming trip. Be bold-hearted with 28Bold.

Just Help Africa

“Our mission is simple—we just want to help.”

This forward-thinking nonprofit started as a youth development program working to support Nigerian children through basketball. Its “Dreams Tournament” began in 2021 and was designed to bring exposure and opportunity to youth that otherwise would not have access to organized sports or clubs.

During its first year of operation, it became clear that expanding opportunities for young people was also inextricably connected to water safety and accessibility. Now, Just Help Africa has extended its projects to include well building. These wells are solar-powered and run by the communities they serve. Their first well, located in Arinkinkin, has provided clean water to 700 people and helped students (especially girls) to spend more time in school.

If that wasn’t enough, Just Help Africa also invests in renovating rural school buildings, helping to increase their safety and efficacy. If you are looking for a comprehensive, hands-on, and transparent organization to support this Giving Thursday, consider donating to Just Help Africa. They are a 501c(3) Nonprofit Public Charity, and your money goes directly to supporting youth in sub-Saharan Africa.

Check out their website at https://www.justhelpafrica.org/ for a more comprehensive look into their projects, impact, and future plans.

giving tuesday nonprofits

Earth Water international

“Earth Water was founded on the simple concept, ‘If you had the chance, would you change the world?’”

Earth Water International is a food and beverage nonprofit organization that puts sustainability first. Since 2015, they have been developing top-quality coffees and teas to help end food and water insecurity.

They give 100% of their net profits to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), which uses it to provide clean drinking water and school lunches to communities around the world. The WFP has a wide network of trusted distributors who are at work in 70 countries.

Consider shopping at Earth Water International to find quality, reasonably-priced products and give back at the same time. Every bag of coffee, box of tea, and case of water bottles sold raises $4 and buys meals for a child for one week. In addition to coffees, teas, and water, they also offer water bottles and combination boxes.

To learn more about Earth Water International, their products, and other projects, visit them at https://earthgroup.org/ and consider making a purchase that will provide fresh water and food in communities that need it most.

giving tuesday nonprofits

When you support any one of these charities, you are helping to bring clean water, food, and visibility to communities around the world.

That said, donating isn’t the only way to step up and take action. Consider volunteering at these or other organizations or writing local representatives about water and environmental legislation. Even reading this article and becoming more informed about the water crisis is a huge step. When it comes to battling this global threat, everything helps.

If you’re looking for other ways to get involved, consider joining our network as an affiliate here.

What are you thankful for this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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