A Holiday Letter From Our CEO

A Holiday Letter From Our CEO, Jereme Lambert

To Our Network, Friends, and Family,

Many around the world celebrate holidays, family time, the new year, and so much more each year around this time.  All this is wrapped up in ‘Happy Holidays.’ Whether it’s religious gatherings or special family or friend events, each person around the world seems to hold this season as unique and special.

At Business Connect we do the same. It is a time to celebrate the year and the adventure we have been on.  It is a time to reflect on the trials we have seen and experienced.  It is a time to rejoice in our triumphs.  It is a time to ponder the future. And finally, It is a time to give thanks for the love and blessings of all those in our network who work to expand access to safe water around the world.

This year we have continued to celebrate so many of you: our partners, customers, friends, and collaborators.  You all have made this a tremendous year as we have seen growth beyond where we ever thought we could reach; we added a half dozen countries to our impact list as well as add staff members to our HQ and international team.

This year we have also taken time to reflect on the trials our international partners still are experiencing through pandemics, food shortages, currency fluctuations, and so much more.  Global business has its trials to overcome and we press on.  So many around the world have had a hard year but we are thankful to be alongside one another.

This year we are able to rejoice in the triumph of more than doubling the number of people having safe water through our work worldwide!  Our staff, our distributors, and our champions have all done amazing work to bring safe water to more families through a sustainable business model.

This year we also take a moment to ponder the future.  We have a great journey ahead of us.  We have by no means reached the summit or accomplished our mission yet. There is so much left to do. On the horizon, we are working to build a new platform for all stakeholders to participate in the safe water crisis around the world.  We are investing and growing our own systems within Business Connect to ensure continued sustainability, and we are working to deepen our distributors globally as our backbone of strength for an improved future.

Finally, during this holiday season, we take time to give thanks.  The love that we have all shared for humanity and the love that we share for one another is tremendous and humbling at the same time.  We are truly blessed to be a part of such a great community on a great mission that brings hope to people: all people, from every walk of life.  We are truly blessed by so many around us: partners, implementers, manufacturers, collaborators, champions, distributors, and every person who has touched our lives this past year!  Thank you!

In all, we celebrate our heart; the people that make this all possible, and the people we serve with every step to continued access of safe water around the world.  We humbly celebrate our growth and are excited for the future of Creating Hope through Business!

With gratitude,
Jereme Lambert,