The MadiDrop+

A better solution for safe water

A Reliable Approach for Unreliable Water Sources

As an amazingly simple and effective way to control biological contamination in drinking water at the household level, the all-natural MadiDrop+ prevents water- borne illness and disease — without changing the taste and smell of the water.

The MadiDrop+ is an engineered ceramic tablet embedded with silver. Once in water, it consistently releases precise amounts of silver ions, which are well known for their antimicrobial properties. Used in a vast array of products, silver ions are highly effective at eliminating waterborne pathogens such as E. coli.

MadiDrops have already provided over 30 million liters of safe water to families in rural, peri-urban and urban environments. From water sources ranging from rivers to shallow wells to substandard municipal systems, the MadiDrop has provided freedom through the power of safe drinking water – freedom from waterborne illness and disease, daily chemical interventions, and laborious fuel required disinfection techniques.

How Does the MadiDrop+ Work?

One of the amazing things about the MadiDrop is how simple and easy it is to use for how effective it works.

Place a MadiDrop in the bottom of almost any type of water container. Leave it there for 12 months. It does not need to be cleaned or removed, and it can move around inside a water container without concern.

Fill the container with 10-20 liters of water and the MadiDrop begins releasing silver ions to disinfect the water.

Buy the MadiDrop+

7,000 Liters of Ongoing Purification and Protection from the MadiDrop+


Helps prevent outbreaks of water-related diseases; kills up to 99.99% of pathogens


Easy to store and stack until needed


Provides a family with over 12 months of safe water at an affordable cost


Easy to transport in difficult conditions, terrains, and environments


Adds no taste or smell; no sustained user change required; preferred over chlorine


Non-toxic; does no harm to people or the planet

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