Ensuring Your Water Is Safe

Make Your Water Safe. Every Time.

Aquatabs is the world’s largest and most trusted producer of water purification tablets around the world. Simply place the tablets in a water container, and they will dissolve and kill the bacteria in the water, making it safe to drink. Aquatabs has developed a line of products to make water safe in many applications, form the single family home, to the community treatment center.

How Do Aquatabs Work?

It’s easy! Simply place one 67mg tab in a 40L tank of water, wait 30 minutes, and enjoy safe drinking water. That’s it! Aquatabs keep the treated water safe by utilizing residual chlorine to combat potential recontamination.

That same principle of simplicity was applied to larger scale water treatment systems with the development of Aquatabs Flo and Aquatabs In-line. Flo and In-line are specially formulated to be effective in home water tanks, community water storage containers, well systems, and more, with a treatment rate of up to 30 liters per minute.

Aquatabs require no additional power usage and integrate seamlessly into gravity or pressurized water systems.

Key Benefits of Aquatabs



Just put the Aquatab in the container of water, wait 30 minutes, and the water is safe to drink!


Safe Water Every Time

In just 30 minutes, water from an untrusted source is potable.

Lightweight and Easy To Carry

Tabs are easy to pack in a backpack or luggage, perfect for taking with you to treat water on the go!

Energy Efficient

In fact, Aquatabs take no additional power or energy to purify water! Perfect for disaster relief and deep nature adventures.

Shelf Life

Aquatabs can last on the shelf for 3 years and still remain effective.

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