VF Home Water Filters

A Simple Solution for Clean Water
Business Connect makes sure to provide high quality drinking water systems and information source! Because everyone deserves clean water, it’s our most basic human right.

The Technology

Key Features

Always Safe Water

0.1 micron absolute water filter. It eliminates bacteria, protozoa, and
cysts to 99.99999% (Log 7) potable water. The removal of bacteria and protozoa is at a higher “log” rate than EPA standard. And it removes 99.1% (Log 2) of viruses.

Simple To Use

No chemicals, no construction. Use any plastic bucket, plastic bottle, or spigot with threading. No replacement parts. All-in-one kit.

Long Lasting

With proper maintenance, it can last many years for an entire family.

For Disaster Relief

The highest rated filter against 34 others in the category by CAWST, HIF, and others in the field.

Reports on Village Water Filters

HIF Emergency Household Filters

World Health Organization Product Evaluation

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