Will you share for World Humanitarian Day? #ShareHumanity

Will you share for World Humanitarian Day? #ShareHumanity

Business Connect helping with catastrophe in Nepal by sending water filtersToday, people around the world are celebrating World Humanitarian Day by donating their social media feeds to help bring true stories of people helping people to light. By using the hashtag #SHAREHUMANITY, the United Nations Foundation, Global Citizen, CNN, Time Inc. and many more organizations — along with aid workers and ordinary citizens — are using this day to not only share true humanitarian aid stories but to help you get involved.

World Humanitarian Day falls on the same day, August 19th, when in 2003, 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad. It’s a day to pay tribute to all people affected by humanitarian crises and those who lost their lives in humanitarian service. It’s a day to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world.

As the world becomes a more and more volatile place, this has never been more important. There is an urgent need to realize a greater sense of responsibility and develop a sense of global community. World Humanitarian Day should inspire action and make it clear that we stand in solidarity against conflict, torture, disease, famine, suffering and the poor leadership that often turns a blind eye. This day is a great opportunity to get involved and do something to help those who need it the most.

At Business Connect, we are doing our part to create an international distribution network of clean resources so when a disaster strikes, our local representative is there to help with clean water filters, solar lights, and clean cookstoves. We continuously search for the most innovative products to keep current with technology but, most importantly, products that are affordable for citizens living in the developing world. If you would like to help us expand our network or get products into the hands of a nonprofit or aid workers in remote areas of the world, contact us. You will be glad you helped. Join us and let’s continue to #CreateHope.

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Acts 20:35



Sometimes the Smallest Act has the Largest Impact

Sometimes the Smallest Act has the Largest Impact

Water Around The WorldBusiness Connect Helps National Volunteer Outreach Network Provide Clean Water Around the World

According to the United Nations and UN Water, the inter-agency responsible for water-related issues, every day 4,500 children under the age of 5 die around the world, having fallen sick because of unclean water and sanitation. Five times as many children die each year of diarrhea than of HIV/AIDS. One third of the world’s population is enduring some form of water scarcity and one in every six human beings has no access to clean water within a kilometer of their homes.

Business Connect believes water is critical for life and for livelihoods. Billions of people suffer from disease, poverty, and a lack of dignity and opportunity because they have no access to this basic resource. With our mission to create hope through business, we educate and support an international distributor network marketing green products in 34 countries. We also provide many nonprofits like the National Volunteer Outreach Network (NVON) with the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient portable water filter on the market today.

NVON created a three year international project to present an overview of how water is an essential resource and fundamental building block of life.  They also presented an awareness of problems that could arise when clean water is lacking in communities, and how they can help those in need around the world. Since the United Nations declared 2005 -2015 as the “Water for Life‟ decade with a goal to reduce by half the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water by 2015; NVON stepped forward to support these efforts and to get clean “Water Around The World” by distributing the The PointONE Filter designed by Sawyer Products, Inc.  The PointONE Filter system uses technology developed for kidney dialysis and is the first portable purification device to remove bacteria mechanically while exceeding Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) recommendations.

NVON is a member organization working together to promote communication, education and volunteerism for all people. A 501(c)3 organization since 2005, member states are encouraged to participate by raising funds to purchase filters through a myriad of suggested ways, i.e. bake sales, yard sales, fund drives, bottle and can collection, etc.  There was no act too small. As of June 30, 2015, $45,162.56 has been contributed to purchase water filters.

NVON has impacted lives worldwide — one filter at a time — in such places as Haiti, Zimbabwe, Northern Mozambique, Thailand, Sierra Leone and, most recently, Nepal following the earthquake. We are proud to play a small part in this very large act of kindness .created by the acts of many volunteers. For more information or to get involved, join us today.

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