Kohler Pour-Flush Toilet

A Toilet That Provides Dignity and Health

Did you know that each day people are dying because of a lack of basic sanitation?

According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, one in three people lack access to a toilet, open defecation still exists for ten percent of the population and women and girls spend 266 million hours a day trying to find a safe and discreet place to go.

The result? Hygiene-related diseases, like diarrhea, account for one million deaths annually.

Enter the KOHLER pour-flush toilet, an affordable seated toilet that flushes when water is poured in by the user. 

“We like the KOHLER toilet because it is designed to be practical in its installation,” remarked Hector Chacon, Water Mission’s country director in Honduras. Moreover, individuals take great pride in the aspirational design and working to improve general sanitation issues. 

One customer described why she chose the KOHLER pour-flush toilet, “The toilet uses little water to flush. It is easy to clean and very nice looking. We are old and the sitter is very comfortable—it helps us with our knee pains.”


Key Features

Simple Use – Pail flush waste removal

Durable – Strong one-piece porcelain bowl

Easy Maintenance – Easy-to-clean, scratch and stain resistant glazed bowl

Minimal Odor – Water trap seals against odor and insects

Clean Design – Compact elongated bowl with lid and seat

Water Efficient – Exceptionally efficient flush to minimize water use

Flexible Installation – Adaptable to pits and tanks, concrete and wood flooring

Strong Build – Robust to poor water conditions and general abuse

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