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Clean, safe water brings health and happiness. It is hard to believe that lack of clean and safe drinking water is a worldwide problem. There is a very inexpensive solution – the Sawyer portable water filter. It not only is small and portable but it is also reliable and readily available to even the remotest village in Africa or elsewhere. The Sawyer water filter is a solution that delivers safe, clean water to thousands of men, women, and children. Instead of bloated bellies and sick kids, we want to see that changed to happy, smiling, healthy kids with energy to spare.

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Clean water means more than safe drinking water to women and children in developing nations; it means time, freedom, health, and incentive to change their communities. Clean and safe water to drink is just a small step away for so many people. Distributors of the Sawyer Point One water filter are now making this small portable water filter available to people in many, many countries.

It is absolutely amazing how easily these portable water filters are set up and how quickly clean, safe drinking water is produced. Clean water saves lives and we are hearing testimony after testimony how these filters are changing the lives of people and entire villages. No more sick kids. No more missed school or work. No more medical bills dealing with the results of drinking unsafe water. Sawyer portable water filters can meet the demand and change lives.

Sawyer Point One filter is inexpensive, lifesaving, and can be made available to people in any community. The filter uses medical technology developed from kidney dialysis. When the water is drawn through the filter, it flows through the side walls of the Hollow Fiber tubes, sediment, bacteria, protozoa, cysts, and other contaminants are filtered out exceeding all applicable EPA recommendations.

This website is dedicated to promoting development and walking alongside entrepreneurs who are building the current businesses and need a North American market to reach more people. People in the majority world do not lack creativity, hard work, or a desire to succeed. They only need opportunities and friends to walk with them.

We are also committed to linking talented artisans to markets in North America and we would encourage you to visit www.shiningalight.org. Your purchase is not just a product but a story, a linking of people together, a community of faith that embraces the world. Shining a Light is assisting vulnerable women in Tanzania with clean and safe drinking water using the Sawyer Point One water filter. The way you shop and what you buy truly makes a difference.


  • 0.1 micron absolute — No bacteria, protozoa, or cysts
  • It’s Simple — No Chemicals, No Construction, use any plastic bucket, No Replacement Parts
  • Cost Efficient — One system provides clean water for pennies a day over its lifetime
  • Fast Flow — supplies 1 liter every 2 minute
  • Easy Maintenance — Just back flush each use
  • Long Lasting — with proper maintenance it can last many years for an entire family
  • Disaster Relief — fast solution to a clean water need
  • Meets and exceeds EPA standards — removal of bacteria and protozoa is at a higher “log” rate than EPA standard


  • Saves Time
  • Fast Flowrate for clean and safe water
  • Saves Money
  • Fewer trips to the Clinic; Less missing work or school
  • Saves Health
  • No more stomach ache and diarrhea; Nutrition Value of Food increases by 40%

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  1. Paul Knerr

    We have distributed 400 filters to villages surrounding Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. You can read more about the project here http://africanwaterprojects.org/400-filters-distributed-by-hca-in-tanzania-by-victoria-gama-the-masters-university-november-30-2016/

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