P&G Purifier of Water x4

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P&G Purifier of Water is a powder that comes in small, affordable, easy-to-use packets. It combines flocculation and disinfection to treat 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of contaminated water in a short amount of time.

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Key Features

  • Highly Effective — Removes more than 99.99999% of common waterborne bacteria, 99.99% of common waterborne viruses, and 99.9% of protozoa. Exceeds all EPA and WHO standards for the highest level of water treatment
  • Low Cost  — Purifies 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of water with just one packet
  • Removes Particles — Removes dirt and sediment from highly turbid water
  • Improves taste — Maintains a pure fresh taste similar to household tap water
  • Quick — Entire treatment process is complete in just 30 minutes
  • Portable — Compact, lightweight, waterproof design makes it easy to transport packets in any condition
  • Long Lasting — Lasts 3 years from the date of manufacture - Current Expiration: January 2025


  • Saves Time: With only 30 minutes, a family can have safe, clean water
  • Saves Children: With safe water, kids are in school more and miss fewer days due to illness and clinic visits

Additional information

Weight .117 lbs
Dimensions 22.86 × 30.48 cm


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Key Features

  • Highly Effective — Remove more than 99.99999% of common waterborne bacteria (including those that cause cholera), 99.99% of common waterborne viruses (including those that cause hepatitis A) and 99.9% of protozoa
  • Low Cost
  • Simple to Use — Two buckets, a clean t-shirt and 30 minutes will provide 10 liters of clean water.
  • Removes Particles — Remove dirt and other pollutants
  • Visible Signal — By removing the dirt and sediment through a flocculation process, P&G™ Purifier of Water gives a visible signal ensuring you have clean and safe water.
  • Improves taste — Maintains a pure fresh taste similar to most household tap water
  • Quick — 30 minutes for 30 liters of water
  • Portable — Small and light weight makes it easy to transport in all conditions


  • Saves Time: 30 minutes to have clean, safe water.
  • Saves Children: With safe water, kids are in school more and miss fewer days due to illness and clinic visits.
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