MSR SE200 Community Chlorine Maker

Creates chlorine with the push of a button to make safe, drinkable water.

The SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker is changing how citizens in low-resource communities around the world are creating safe drinking water. In five minutes, with just the push of a button, the device creates chlorine with water, salt and electricity. Each batch produces enough chlorine to make 200 liters of water that’s safe to drink. A supply chain innovation, the chlorine maker lets users treat water on the spot at wells, water trucks and other common sources. Small, portable and easily mastered, it requires only salt brine and electricity from a car battery or mains power. Most importantly, it allows families, leaders and entrepreneurs to control their supply of safe drinking water.

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  • Highly Effective — Meets WHO treatment standards for viruses and bacteria
  • Low Cost — Over its lifetime it provides clean water for less than $.00001 per liter of water
  • Simple to Use — Simply mix salt brine, add it to the chlorine maker, and push the start button. Indicator lights and sounds signal a successful completion or troubleshooting options
  • Fast — Takes just five minutes to produce enough chlorine to make 200 liters of safe, drinkable water; and treats 40,000 liters from just one 12V car battery charge
  • Adaptable — It works well in combination with water filters as a great solution for safe water storage and preventing re-contamination; provides chlorine that can also be used for cleaning purposes in homes and clinics
  • Portable — Small and light weight makes it easy to transport in all conditions; great for community health workers too
  • Reliable — Smart circuitry produces a consistent chlorine concentration, while durable construction withstands daily repeated use
  • Easy power supply — 40,000 liters of safe water can be provided by one 12V car battery. Use any battery or use the power supply cord to plug into direct power


  • Saves Time: No time spent maintaining a filter or water cleaning system, just add the treatment to your water and wait 30 minutes for safe drinking water
  • Saves Money: Less expensive than buying safe drinking water, at less than $.00001 per liter of safe water
  • Earn Money: Earning potential by supplying others with water treatment

Additional information

Weight 0.1125 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 22.9 × 10.2 cm


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