ImerPure Water Filter

ImerPure is a high performance gravity water filtration device, which is functional, resilient and compact, in consumer-ready packaging.

ImerPure uses an innovative and proprietary fast flowing ceramic cartridge providing high protection standards. It is easy to clean and comes in a robust and modular design allowing for future attachments.

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    • Designed to meet and exceed WHO Standards – Any water that comes through is always clean and safe.
    • High volume treatment tank and safe storage – 15 liters total capacity (7 L dirty, 8 L clean with safe storage)
    • Filters up to 168 liters per day for a family
  • Filters up to 7 liters per hour
  • High Quality Cartridge  – Cartridge embedded with activated carbon
  • Simple to no maintenance – Just clean the ceramic when flow rate slows (approximately once a month) and easily replace the cartridge as needed


  • Saves time: With little to no maintenance there is more time in a day for work and play
  • Saves money: Less than $0.01 per liter – far less expensive than purchasing water. Fewer trips to the clinic because of safe water means less money spent
  • Saves Education: Less sickness means fewer school days missed by children


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