Aquatabs – 49mg Tablets x30

Aquatabs – 49mg Tablets x30

Aquatabs is a purifying tablet which is added to drinking water to kill harmful micro-organisms. The tablet quickly dissolves and disinfects water in 30 minutes. Each tablet can treat up to 64 ounces of water. Expires: OCTOBER 2026



Product Information

  • Highly Effective — Protects against giardia cysts, bacteria, and viruses
  • Globally Certified — Independently tested and certified by the WHO & EPA registered and approved
  • Simple to Use — Just drop a tablet in a water container and wait
  • Fast Treatment – Entire treatment process is complete in just 30 minutes
  • Lightweight — Compact packaging makes Aquatabs easy to carry on the go
  • Durable — Foil, water resistant wrapper allows for tablets to remain effective in any environment
  • Improves Taste — Successful comparative taste trials ensure that your water will taste great
  • Large Volume — 1 tablet treats 2 liters (.5 gallons) of clear water or 1 liters (.25 gallons) of cloudy water
The world’s dams, lakes and streams are teeming with micro-organisms that threaten human health. These organisms can cause gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhea, specifically affecting children and the elderly who are the most at risk. These tablets are lightweight, portable and indispensable when you’re out exploring the outdoors. The Aquatabs 49mg tablets x30 are the perfect solution for disinfecting water when camping, hiking or just adventuring. So long as you have access to a fresh water source there is no need to carry around bulky filters or large volumes of water. The three included strips each hold ten Aquatabs and can easily fit into your pocket with room to spare. It’s not only when we’re exploring the outdoors that having clean water is essential. Being prepared for an emergency when clean water can be hard to come by is also crucial. With the Aquatabs 49mg tablets x30 you can rest assured that you will be prepared no matter what comes your way. Storing 60 quarts of water would take up loads of space that can be used for other essentials. Now you can store less water all while knowing that you have the ability to quickly and effectively treat fresh water when disaster strikes. Our Aquatabs 49mg contain 10 tablets per strip and each tablet will kill all harmful bacteria and viruses in drinking water within 30 minutes (when used in non-turbid water) treating up to 2 quarts of water per tablet. It does not leave any unpleasant taste in the treated water and dissolves clear. The taste of Aquatabs treated water is much the same as the municipal water from your tap. Just throw a tablet into your water bottle (or container), mix well & then 30 minutes later you’ve got safe drinking water!
  • Protects the Environment – Decreases the need for bottled water worldwide. Fewer single-use plastic bottles places less stress on the environment and helps reduce unnecessary pollution.
  • Dependable – As the most popular water purifier tablet worldwide, we make sure you have a quality product every time you buy with us. Trust Aquatabs for all your clean water needs!
  • Global Leader – Aquatabs are the world’s leading provider of water purification tablets. Over 32 billion liters (8.5 billion gallons) are treated annually with Aquatabs products.
  • Affordable – The cost of purchasing Aquatabs is much lower than continuously buying bottled water.

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