World Renew is an implementing partner of Business Connect with Christian Community Development programs and partnerships in some thirty countries around the world. Our founder, Lou Haveman, has a long history of working with them. This is our first report on a clean and safe water initiative.

During 3 days we distributed 188 water filters to 986 families.

The training was conducted before the distribution. We explain what is Sawyer filter, how to assemble, to use and to clean it. Annex 1 shows the detailed of the training. In three days training, most people arrived before the time planned, except ward 5. They attentively listened and practiced what we thought them. They were also willing to teach the others who came late.

After the training, the filters and buckets were distributed according to the list and grouping developed from ward leaders and FCHVs. The FCHVs were involved in distribution of filters. The instruction of how to use and clean the filter was sticked on the buckets.

Example of filter in use

Barat BK (ward 3), the family who received the filter has handed the filter to Maya Tamang, her neighbour in his group (a woman in the picture) to look after the filter. And she put the filter on veranda of her house so other families can have access to the filters. She also cover the filter with towel so it won’t get dirty from dust. Maya Tamang belongs to the higher caste than Barat BK, but they can share the filter.

Lessons learned

  • Grouping should be done during the community meeting.
  • Village mapping is necessary for grouping.
  • It should mentioned that people who didn’t attend the meeting, should not complaint.
  • Some village leaders and FCHVs recommended the list for their own benefits.
  • The list given to CHVs was not posted, only ward 9 observed.