Creating Hope with Every Step: Hiking the North Country National Scenic Trail with Lou Haveman for Worldwide Access to Clean & Safe Water.

Hiking in the wilderness is like worship for Lou.  He finds it empowering, inspirational, forgiving, and almost irresistible.  And when the longest North American hiking trail runs only a few miles from his home, he cannot resist the opportunity to hike. 

The North Country National Scenic Trail runs over 4600 miles through seven northern states. Millions of people, 40% of Americans, live within a day’s drive of the longest footpath in the United States.  The trail can be rugged and remote, or nearby and easy, it was built and maintained through the sweat equity of hundreds of north country-hardy volunteers.

We are seeking Champions to step forward; to hold Lou accountable, who will support, contribute, and encourage him. We want people who believe in what we are attempting to do in the world and want to be a part of it to join with us and commit to walking while walking alongside those in need. One hundred percent of all funds raised will go toward the purchase and delivery of water filters for clean and safe water to the most vulnerable…the widows and orphans around the world.


To bring an end to global poverty, we want to contribute to scaling a creative revolution that is already underway. And as a social enterprise, we believe there is a whole new approach to international development – one that sees poor people as agents of their own development, and that focuses on what poor people themselves see as their best strategy for escaping poverty: getting a job or growing a business. We encourage our donors to Sponsor An Entrepreneur to provide a hand-up, not a hand-out, to those trying hard to escape the grasps of poverty.

We have developed an inclusive business model that creates hope and opportunities for under-resourced people as consumers, employees, representatives and distributors. Hard work brings great rewards. We collaborate with social entrepreneurs who are using their business skills to bring new products and services to people living at the base of the pyramid; NGOs using their unique grassroots perspective to help local entrepreneurs find new markets; donor agencies finding new ways to partner with international and national companies to tackle specific global challenges, like improving nutrition, achieving better quality education and promoting gender equality.

We are encouraging women to join our growing distribution network in the developing world. Why women?  Women have the greatest challenges, but also the greatest potential, to reduce global poverty. They are most effected by lack of clean water and light every day. In many communities, they are the ones who walk endless hours to find firewood and water for their families. And when that becomes less available because of deforestation, they have to travel farther and farther, taking up more time that could be spent productively with their families or businesses. They are cooking over dirty cookstoves and help their children study by the toxic flame of a kerosene lantern. On the plus side, women are often the ones managing the energy in the household. They are spending the money on the kerosene or wood or charcoal, they get to make these decisions.

“Expanding women’s economic opportunities benefits both women and society. Documented benefits include greater investments in children, reduced poverty for all and, perhaps most consequentially, enhanced aspirations for the next generation of girls and women.” A Roadmap for Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment; The United Nations and Exxon Mobil Foundation.

Will you help us? If you would like to Sponsor An Entrepreneur, just $300 will provide two clean water filters, solar lights and clean cookstoves as well as the training required to create a sustainable business. We will send you updates on the progress and challenges that are faced during the first year of business.


We strongly believe children provide a tremendous opportunity of entry and sustenance of presence for essential technologies. Students in the communities we serve would learn about the benefits of using clean technology and then engage their caretakers and community to undertake sustainable efforts to change. 

Financial savings from purchasing paraffin and firewood would be designated towards the purchase of additional clean resources. In enhancing the community’s capacity to manage their household environment, we are likely to see an overall change in the community environment. The introduction of new technologies is intended to support improvement of the environment, reducing environmental degradation.

“To realize the dividend, countries must invest in the empowerment, education and employment of their young people. There are 1.8 billion young people in the world today, representing a staggering amount of human potential. Yet too many of them are trapped in poverty, with few opportunities to learn or to earn a decent living.” Youth empowerment, education, employment key to future development; United Nations Population Fund.

If you would like to Sponsor A Student, $150 will provide a clean water filter, solar light and a clean cookstove as well as the training required to empower the student with knowledge. Many families do not know the harmful effects of kerosene fuel or that drinking unclean water causes illness and diseases. Help us create real change.  We will send you updates on the progress and challenges that are faced during the first year of use.