Support Local Entrepreneurs in the Developing World on Your Next Mission Trip

Support Local Entrepreneurs in the Developing World on Your Next Mission Trip

Mission and Business Working Together to Create Hope

A mission group recently traveled from the States to Guatemala to help with construction projects on the ground. While they were there, they distributed Village Filters to families and also installed these water filtration systems in the five homes they built. Families now have clean water in their homes!

The mission group also distributed another 20 filters to more families in need. Realizing how clean water is a basic necessity very much in need in this community, the mission organization is already purchasing another 100 filters today to send with their next group that is traveling back there in a few weeks.

Of course, our local partner in Guatemala is a part of the process – growing his business while supporting these missions. Even though the sale happened here in the States, we still continue with our commitment to share the profits with the entrepreneur in Guatemala. And, if a product malfunctions or a family needs operational assistance, our Business Connect representative is there to help! This is a win-win for everyone. With clean water, families will have better health and save valuable time that was spent walking to the local village for water or collecting it from dirty streams. Money saved from the purchase of clean water can now go towards other clean resources or for educational tools for their children.

What is stopping you from getting involved? Bring along clean water filters or solar lights on your next mission trip or share our name with your favorite mission organization. Let’s bring an end to global poverty together! Visit us at


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How Can You Help Expand the Reach of Your Mission?

How Can You Help Expand the Reach of Your Mission?

Business Connect continues to bring new life enhancing products to the market around the world.  We are committed to being a solution source for water problems.  We have sold well over 10,000 water filters this year.  But water is just one challenge.

We partnered with Haitian Artisan Products International (HAPI) putting together a package of products: a water filter, high-efficiency charcoal stove, and a solar light with cell phone charging capacity.  Our initial survey gave us surprising results.  Most people wanted the solar for charging their cell phones.  Families living in the mountains take a day trip to walk into town or pay someone to take their phones in for charging.  This little solar light provides light in the home and will charge their phone in the evening.  The weight is only eight tenths of a pound.  Our retail price is $43.73…less if you are a distributor.

Now Business Connect has another exciting product we are bringing to market.  This is a three light unit, 160 lumens each, with a 36 foot cord. This unit can run for two days (four hours per day) on one battery charge.  It also has a USB port for charging your phone.  We have 200 units in stock and will ship anywhere in the world.  Total weight is seven pounds and can fit into a small cardboard case, 11” x 14” x 4” including the solar panel.

We have 200 solar kits ready for the market and would like to have them sold by the end of December.  Our retail price for these units is $138.17…less if you are a distributor.

If you are planning on taking a mission trip, this would be an incredible gift to leave with your host family or to leave for the school or orphanage you might be partnering with. For more information on how your gift may help others, review an article on our work written by Mission Network News.

Thank you for all you do for the least of these around the world!

With gratitude always from the Business Connect team,

Jan, Jereme, Pam, Natalie, Jeff, and Lou

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