Opening Doors for Women Entrepreneurs

Opening Doors for Women Entrepreneurs

Business Connect has International Sales Representatives around the world in over 35 countries. Five primary leaders are women. We want to introduce you to them one at a time. Jennifer has a story, a ministry, and a presence in Tanzania.  If you ever wondered how one can make a difference in the world, read her story at  Jennifer empowers women through employment training, education and spiritual enrichment at Shining A Light. This is what she says about working with Business Connect:

Jennifer empowers women through employment training, education and spiritual enrichment.

“As a female entrepreneur working with Business Connect, I get the opportunity to work closely with the most influential and hardest working people of all Tanzania, the women. In male dominated cultures like Tanzania, it helps to be a woman in communicating and trying to reach (other) women with education about clean water and water filters. The women are very open to working with me and I sense they trust me because I am a woman.  I also love the challenge of bringing a useful product combined with a strong educational component.”

Jennifer VanderGalien, Shining A Light Ministries


Worldwide, women entrepreneurs are on the rise. According to data released by No Ceilings, Nigeria is at the top of the list with 41% of women starting new businesses. Business Connect is very excited to open doors for more women as we empower and train them to be sustainable business owners, distributing clean and safe water filtration products, innovative solar energy devices for light, charging and power, and clean cookstoves that will help save more lives.

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