August Newsletter

August Newsletter

Burma 2015

Creando esperanza a través de los negocios

A Note from Lou Haveman

Last week I walked 86 miles in the Upper Peninsula of the great state of Michigan. It was a great walk for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which was the assurance that I had access to a great water filter. On more than one occasion I crawled through the grass and bent down over the rocks to dip my Sawyer water bottle into the bubbling cool giardia contaminated water and enjoyed a wonderful cool drink. Should I not have dipped my Sawyer bottle filter into the local forest stream, I still could have walked out a bit dehydrated, maybe even light headed, but not sick.

In another part of the world it is a different story.

Today, I received an email from one of my International Sales Representatives, Rudy Shaffer. He showed me pictures of flooding that has contaminated most of the water drinking sources in the Chin Province of Burma. There has been flooding and water in abundance, dark brown, guaranteeing sickness, diarrhea, and even death for the young.

I cannot do a thing without a partner, without resources to bring filters to local partners on the ground. There is no international media to bring this to our attention and it is so far away. We can ignore it…if we dare. If you are touched by his words and want to bring a word of hope, then send a tax deductible gift to Partners Worldwide (Attention Business Connect) for Worldwide Clean and Safe Water, 6139 Tahoe, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Every $100 will provide clean and safe water for 20 people for two years and perhaps longer. We will send you a picture and report of what your gift did for a family in need. See below for more details.

Rudy’s Report
”Our Burma team coordinator just brought to my attention that there is a very dire situation in Chin State, Burma right now. There is much flooding causing deaths due to mud slides and many communities are cut off with no access to food or clean water. With a forecast of continual rain this situation is not expected to get better soon. We are considering how to send relief for this situation. With flooding most all of the water sources are contaminated and the crops are destroyed which means a shortage of food for next year also. From what I have seen the Sawyer filters would be perfect for disaster situations like this and if we are able to find a way to send relief it would be great to distribute them also.

Here is a video of the area of Kalaymyo, Myanmar where we have feet on the ground which sent some of the pictures. Please let me know if you are able or interested in sending filters to provide relief to victims of this disaster.

Empowering Women
As our travels take us to Africa and South America this month, we are excited to provide more opportunities for women to become small business owners distributing “green” products that will help their communities become healthier.

In developing countries, women are true teachers to children but are also drivers of the global economy. Many women show a great capacity for relationship building, but also have the ability to gain more technical and systematic skills through exposure.

“You educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

With access to clean water, light and power, families can take steps to improve their family’s health within their budget. If you know someone in the developing world who would like to start their own small business bringing clean resources to their community, send us a note or contact us.

The Sawyer Point One Water Bottle Filter

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• It’s Simple To Use and Saves Time: Use any water source and drink safely.
• Cost Efficient: One system provides clean water for pennies a day over its lifetime.
• Saves Health: Stop stomach ache or diarrhea; nutrition value of food increases 40%.

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