With the El Nino rains and floods that hit Peru earlier this year, one of the photos that became symbolic of the severity of the situation was taken in the village of San Luis of the Pacora district in northern Peru.  Rains caused the Leche River to overflow, washing away bridges, roads, and houses.  The inhabitants of San Luis became landlocked, separating them from food and drinking water.  In the photo a military helicopter brings rations and evacuates the children, mothers, and elderly.


After the floods, the people started rebuilding but their water sources had become muddy and contaminated.  With the help of Village Water Filters donated to Business Connect and DuraBio, the people are now able to produce their own potable water.  We worked with Padre Fidel Purizaca of the San Pablo parish who is a respected man of the community.  He helped identify the families that would benefit most from the filters.  Also he  suggested installing filters in communal houses of villages along the river to ensure that these vulnerable communities always have access to clean drinking water.  The photographs below show this story.


Temporary housing in San Luis



Unloading the buckets and filters



Julius demonstrates how to prepare the buckets



Community members join in



Buckets being distributed to the community



Woman trying her first glass of filtered water



Karina demonstrating how to use and clean the filters



First family showing their bucket and filter


Happy villagers with their new access to clean drinking water

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