Chennai Women

As natural disasters become more frequent, we need your help.

Help bring clean water to the people in Chennai, India.


Each year in December we have individuals who give a donation in the name of a loved one for the purchase of water filters. We use these funds to pay for the shipping and cost of filters delivered to vulnerable families desperate for clean and safe water. For $75.00 you can provide a filter kit delivered to a country or crisis area of your choice. They can use this on any water source for the next 3-5 years ensuring continued health for their family.

Business Connect is registered as a Low Profit Limited Liability Company, that is, our bottom line is both profit and positive social impact. To date, in 2015, through gifts like yours, we were able to donate 1,400 clean water filters to the post-earthquake response in Nepal, 300 filters to World Renew in Nepal, 30 filters to flood victims in Malawi, 20 to especially vulnerable families in Mexico, and 500 to Congolese refugee families in a Mozambique refugee camp. Although not in the media, there is such a crisis right now in Chennai, India. Not surprisingly it is not on our national news but the flooding is affecting tens of thousands of people. Our representative in India, Chandra Reddy, has alerted us to the situation. Over 188 people have already died to this crisis. Please check out this source:

As we celebrate the New Year, I am giving thanks for your past generosity. Should you desire to give a gift to Business Connect in the name of someone, we will give you a report on how your gift was used. Since we are a business we cannot give you a tax deductible receipt. However, we partner with Partners Worldwide, a 501c3 registered charity who can give you that tax deductible receipt. Here are the options:

1. Make out your check to Business Connect; post to 3888 16th Avenue, Grandville, MI. 49418.

2. Make out your check to Partners Worldwide; post to 6139 Tahoe, Grand Rapids, MI 49546.  They will take out five percent to cover their cost and provide you a receipt and an end of year statement. Please note on your check: Clean and Safe Water – Business Connect.

3. Go directly to our website and give online:

Thank you for your time, talents and donations to help those less fortunate around the world in their time of need.

Until next time,

Lou and The Business Connect Team


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