Last night we were invited and attended the first ever thanksgiving banquet of a small Christian non-profit organization called Activation International. It was a time of conversation and review of previous international service and ministry trips to Sri-Lanka, Tanzania, and Nepal. We were asked to set up a table to show and demonstrate the Sawyer water filter and some of the exciting new solar products we now represent.

Sawyer water filter

It started about four years ago. Set Free Ministries had purchased several dozen Sawyer Water Filters from me. The director had told Bob Offeringa about the filters and told him when traveling internationally you should carry a few of these filters. Bob came over to the house and purchased a dozen. Next year it was a few more. It was kind of an ad hoc kind of thing, giving them out as they saw a need.

boiling waterSusan, one of the team members came over to the table last evening. She said, “I have to tell you a story. We gave one of your bucket filters to the wife of one of our pastors. She came to us a year later and said how much she appreciated it. I used to have to work to make money to purchase wood and charcoal so I could boil all our water. Today, I no longer work for that money. That filter has been such a blessing to our family.”


I love to hear these kinds of off the cuff stories.

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