In the last eight weeks Jereme and I have traveled to East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) and Guatemala.
We have met 11 international sales Representatives.  We have negotiated a new relationshipbcw-300x225
with Sawyer (Water Filters) and two working relationships with two other suppliers (Solar Lights/Solar Generator and high efficiency stoves.We have spoken in three churches and have established a pilot distribution in Haiti.  We have attended two international conferences. Our focus remains the same: Creating employment through green technologies.
Business Connect provides simple, reasonable priced business solutions to issues of poverty.  For $100 we can provide a high efficiency stove ($25.00), a very effective water filter ($30.00) that requires no electricity, replacement components, nor chemicals and can be used repeatedly, and a solar light that can  charge a cell phone ($45.00).We require every recipient to make a payment based on their economic status.  This is determined by how many meals a family eats in a two day period.
Bel172ow is an email I just received from West Borneo.  This captures the life of so many living in poverty, whether it be in a school or a home…and it motivates us….and I hope you!

“I’m back in the US for about 1 month and I’m looking at bringing back 10-30 Sawyer (SP180) filters to West Borneo.  The villages love them…that incorporates 4 sawyer filters. The system provides water for 350 kids ages 10-22 that live at a boarding school in a rural area. They used to boil 700 liters of water a day by going and collecting wood. The head of the school was in tears telling me how they formerly would be boiling water until 3am and he worried that they were not really g175etting it to a boil (thus inactivating the pathogens) because the kids were in such a hurry and so tired. Now, they provide over 1200 liters of water a day to the students and to the staff and surrounding area with no fuss…. the Sawyer filters are the real key to the success.” Just thought that I’d share a little story.
Todd Bates

October 24, 2014

Lou, Jan, Jereme, and Jeff and so many others.Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are doing all we can with what we have.  Giving Thanks…everywhere…for everything…in every situation.


“Pain makes you stronger, tears makes you braver, heart-break makes you wiser, so I thank the past for my better future!” Benardine Tomno

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, notes, and support in the critical effort to implement clean and safe water around the world.  Give one of the greatest gifts imaginable – the gift of safe water.  It’s hard to believe that 1.1 billion people still don’t have safe water.  Thank you for the special gifts for water filters received over the holidays that have been given out.


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