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In the middle of last Sunday’s worship service I could feel my body undergo a change.  By the time I reached home I was very sick.  We don’t know if it was the flu or a bad sandwich I had on Saturday.  What I do know is that the way I felt is the way millions of people feel after drinking contaminated water.  I recovered within 24 hours.  There are 4,000 children a day that never survive because of bad water.  Then to think of those who simply don’t feel well, are nauseous, and don’t even have a nice bathroom.  I am sorry to be so graphic but the reality of poor quality water is awful.


Two days ago a customer wrote:

“And thank you for your kind words…. but YOU and Jan are doing the real work! Thank YOU for your compassion and good work!”

I want to deflect these words from a lady, who herself is a donor, volunteer and travels annually to Haiti, and say to each of you, THANK YOU!  Since Thanksgiving Business Connect has received $6,700.00 specifically for the purchase of a point-of-use water filter given to a needy person.  This has come from six donors.  To date this h32
as meant the distribution of 127 filters in the countries of Uganda, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania.  These gifts of life water filters have gone to the some of the neediest people you can imagine and literally given people health.  Thank you.


Many others of you have made gifts to Partners Worldwide to begin a clean water business in Guatemala.  We hope to kick that off in March.  THANK YOU.


All of which is a side bar to the growing work of distribution of these filters worldwide.  We now have inventory and a distributor in 16 countries.  As I write this, we have over 44,000 filters in route to three countries.  Jan and I are frightened at what we have grabbed.  What kind of tiger is this?  How can we multiply this from hundreds to tens of thousands to millions?   Every time you send us an email, ask a question, make a donation, or whisper a prayer on our behalf, we are literally lifted up and try harder.


If you believe, pray, if you don’t, please wish it for us: “Let us not grow weary in doing good.”

Water Sources
Clean Water = Happy, Healthy Kids

Business Connect is also an affiliate of Partners Worldwide. If you would like to support this work with a tax deductable gift to Partners Worldwide, please designate it: Worldwide Safe Water.

A one-time donation of $50.00 or a monthly contribution will provide clean water for a family. Go to the Partners Worldwide website , click on the large orange DONATE button.  Once you are on the donate page, scroll down …. there is a little box where it says “click this box to enter details….”  Write in Worldwide Safe Water and make a donation. We look forward to your involvement.

    Lou & Jan 

    Business Connect

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