A Passion For Making Change Leads To Clean Water In Classrooms

A Passion For Making Change Leads To Clean Water In Classrooms

Michelle, a sales rep at Kohler, took a two-week Safari to Africa. Michelle was visiting a reserve and met someone from Pride n Purpose, who told her about the need for water filtration in the community. Michelle began telling her about the benefits of the Kohler Clarity water filter, a filter that she said would definitely help greatly in the schools.

Michelle then decided when she returned home that she wanted to do something about this conversation she had. Michelle had sent out a few emails and then Kohler put her in contact with our global distribution director Darin. Business Connect already had a relationship with a distributor that could help make Michelle’s drive to make a difference a reality.

Once the details of what Michelle wanted to do were figured out, a Championed Project was set up that allowed for donations to go directly to her project. The donations that Michelle’s Championed Project garnered were enough to provide each classroom in the school she visited a Kohler Clarity filter provide students at school access to clean water. The impact that Michelle’s project had on the lives of the school kids innumerable.

The government news organization even wrote up a small article talking about the tremendous impact Michelle’s project had on the local school. According to the article, the filters installed helped 192 students get access to clean water directly from their classroom. Community members stressed how important these filters are in helping to stop the spread of waterborne diseases in their community.

Before the filters were implemented, students were simply drinking from an open bucket when they needed water. The filters have made the drinking water safe, the benefits to students’ learning will be reflected in better performance through their education.

Michelle’s Championed Project helped to bring water filters to classrooms. These filters and their placement in the classroom helps to develop a child’s learning potential because they aren’t exposed to water borne diseases or concerning themselves with whether or not they are going to have clean water in a given day. They can primarily focus on their education, which leads to developing potential locally, spurring business development, and supporting one another as a community.

Clean and safe water is such an important building block in enabling human growth and success, and the presence of Kohler Clarity filters has helped to directly impact the lives of kids in schools working to get an education and give back to their community. All this spurred by one woman with a passion for making a change in people’s lives.

Distribution Highlight: Douglas Mukisa Brings Clarity To Mukuru

Distribution Highlight: Douglas Mukisa Brings Clarity To Mukuru

Mukuru families have been purchasing Kohler Clarity water filters since 2017, and the distribution of the Clarity has made a significant impact in the community. The Kohler Clarity has become popular water filters amongst the community and more people are wanting to bring them into their homes.

This rate of adoption even garnered attention from a clinic run by an NGO within Mukuru that got in contact with Douglas Mukisa, our local distributor, and thanked them for helping to get water filters in the hands of Mukuru residents because households with Kohler Clarity filters are having less health issues than those without access to the filters.

The clinic wanted to reach out and support the efforts that are being done to distribute water filters to the community because it’s such an effective method of addressing problems that can have rippling effects in the lives of people living in Mukuru.

A few of the many Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) that distributed 2,500 Kohler Clarity filters in Mariguini, Makuru Slum, Nairobi, Kenya, February 23, 2019.

However, cost can still be an inhibitor to families being able to get clean and drinkable water for their families. Community members have called inquiring about pricing for filter systems for their home and had worries about the price of being able to provide a very fundamental need.

So, in an effort to both expand the reach of how many people will have access to filters but also how to make those filters more affordable to families, Douglas is working on partnering with a local bank to provide short term loans to families to be able to get filters into households and change lives.

Mercy Waithira, age 37, who has four children and purchased the Kohler Clarity filter over a year ago, stands for a portrait outside of her home holding her purified water in Mariguini, Makuru Slum, Nairobi, Kenya, February 23, 2019.

Local organizations will help to support people getting the loans so that the loans are repaid and people have water filters in the household, allowing as many people as possible can get clean water in Mukuru.

This partnership is going to grow the business potential for not just Douglas in the Mukuru area, but to other places wanting to invest in selling filters outside of Mukuru to help their own communities.

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