Being an innovative businessman and entrepreneur, Tim White, the creator of one of Business Connect’s newest products, Crud Cloth, was always passionate for human centered design and creating sustainable products that help the unmet needs of people around the world. He always strived towards helping people have a sense of cleanliness and restoring the dignity for those in need. 

Tim’s passion for helping people has fueled him to travel across the world to multiple countries to learn more about humanity’s struggles with clean water and hygiene. His willingness to learn first hand and educate those on how to use water products shows how genuine his passion is. Originally, Tim created the Crud Cloth for the sole purpose of cleaning up after a long bike ride through the mountain trail or after a day of camping. However, his partnership with Business Connect to distribute Crud Cloth around the world may have never happened if he did not take his passions to a more personal level. Looking back at his experiences in the Dominican Republic and seeing how important hygiene was for all people no matter their circumstances, Tim realized that the Crud Cloth could have a much bigger impact worldwide.

His passion for sustainable products also stems from his love for outside activities and the importance of cleaning up afterward. Tim and his family love to get dirty! As avid mountain bikers, Tim wanted to create the perfect product to help him and his family clean up after a trail ride. After meticulous trial and error, the Crud Cloth was born, solving all of the problems that regular wipes and washcloths could not. It is truly a shower in a bag that can clean a person, leaving them smelling amazing and feeling refreshed. 

KOHLER Clarity

Before the creation of Crud Cloth, Tim worked for Kohler Co., a manufacturing company, where he created Kohler Clarity, a safe water filtration system. Since 2016, Kohler Clarity has been a part of a disaster relief and community development effort around the world to help people access safe drinking water. With help from Business Connect, Tim and Kohler were able to distribute the water filters in the United States and internationally in countries that struggled with clean water.

According to the CDC, 2.2 billion people still lack safe drinking water in their homes. Tim knew that the water filters would have a positive impact on homes affected by this global issue. Still, he felt that the distribution alone would not be good enough.

Tim has traveled to numerous countries across the world in order to research and gain feedback on the filters. He spent his time learning more about the water issues first hand and how the filters were helping and holding up. He met with hundreds of less fortunate families to educate them about how to use the filters. Honest feedback was something that he found to be extremely important because it would give him an even better understanding of how he could help meet the needs of people struggling with water issues around the world.

In the Batey

One experience in particular changed Tim’s outlook. On a trip to the Dominican Republic, he worked in the homes of a Batey, a sugar plantation town, where he noticed something very eye opening. Most homes he visited had pristine cookware and plastic surrounding the couches. Tim realized that even in very different circumstances, people’s dignity comes from similar priorities.

“I realized at that moment that it doesn’t matter if we are upper or middle class in Minnesota or poor in a Batey; having nice things and keeping them nice is a source of pride and an aspirational thing.”

Tim understood that there was an ongoing global issue with water and hygiene. In fact, 3 billion people worldwide lack basic hand washing facilities at home and more than half of the global population does not have access to safe sanitation. 

Tim has learned so much about the importance of hygiene and the dignity that it brings to people at a universal level. Since his experiences in the Dominican Republic and traveling across the world for Kohler Clarity, Tim has created the Crud Cloth. It is a product that mimics a shower to the best of its ability in a portable fashion. 

When looking back at his experiences, Tim realized now that the Crud Cloth and its use can go beyond the convenience it can bring for a mountain biker after a ride or a camper after a day in the woods. He noticed that his invention had the potential to make a difference on a global scale.

“Everybody gets dirty. Whether you are a mountain biker like me, a golfer, or a camper, you will find yourself covered in grime. You may not have access to a shower at the time and the Crud Cloth can help you with that. However, some people do not have access to a shower period.”

Crud Cloth is special in the sense that it has that universal appeal.

Global Reach

Tim saw this golden opportunity and took it. His original vision for the product to be used by anyone who enjoys outdoor activities still stands. However, that vision grew into an even bigger mission. The mission is to distribute Crud Cloths worldwide to countries that are in need of a sustainable hygienic product built to clean people and leave them feeling better and healthier. There was no better way for Tim to do that than with Business Connect. Tim felt that Business Connect was the perfect choice to partner due to the great relationship and similar vision Tim and Jereme Lambert, CEO of Business Connect, shared.

“My work with Jereme and the team at Business Connect was amazing while with Kohler. We built a relationship where I knew as soon as I wanted to do something with Crud Cloth globally that Business Connect would be open to my ideas and willing to make something happen.”  

Crud Cloth has since been making its impact in the United States and internationally. It has helped many families stay clean and give them a sense of dignity. Tim’s work with Business Connect distributing Kohler Clarity and his more recent product, the Crud Cloth, has helped over one million people around the world fight against the water and hygiene crisis that they struggle with everyday. Tim’s passion for invention and innovation for sustainable products has made a huge impact in the movement towards a cleaner and healthier world. His genuine concern for the less fortunate has brought a new hope for those struggling. 

Support Crud Cloth and Kohler Clarity

At Business Connect, we share the same passion Tim has for distributing sustainable products made to help fight against the water and hygiene crisis. This is why Business Connect works with global distributors to distribute the Crud Cloth and Kohler Clarity worldwide. Buying the Crud Cloth or the Kohler Clarity will help support the cause and significantly impact the ongoing hygiene and water crisis in a positive way. Special thanks to Tim for working with us here at Business Connect to help those around the world who are in need. Thank you to all who have and continue to support us on our mission to provide citizens living in the global south with affordable and easy access to clean water, through the creation of a sustainable, local business model.

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