A story from Daisy Namatovu.

A smiling child gets clean water from the simple water filter attached to the sink's faucet.

Daisy met Lou Haveman, founder of Business Connect, back in 2013 when she was working as a temporary secretary for Rev. Theo in Kitubulu Entebbe Municipality of Uganda.  He was representing a new water filter technology.  That’s when she got to know about the 0.1 micron water filter.  It almost seemed magical as it turned dirty unsafe water into safe clean drinking water.  It amazed her. 

As Lou was leaving, he gifted her with a couple of filters. She thanked him and kept them, but never really used them. Over the years they stayed in touch, even during the time she spent in Amman, Jordan, working as a house helper for two years.  Upon her return to Uganda, Lou and Daisy decided to develop a working partnership. They planned to construct a building with four units of two rooms each as an investment in an area that is rapidly developing in her local Ugandan community near Lake Victoria. They began in April and made quick progress, finishing the project in September of this year.

Daisy fills her glass with clean water from a simple water filter attached to a water barrel.

Upon completion, Daisy decided to move into one of the units because she was still renting. Since she did not have piped water on the premises, she and her family were purchasing 20 liter (five gallon) jerry cans for 500 Ugandan Shillings each of clean water.  She needed four jerry cans a day for herself, daughter and two nieces, and the cost of 60 cents a day became too expensive for them.  As a result, they began to use the dirty water from the small pond near the lake. This water was not clean and had to be boiled, which ended up taking a lot of time and costing money to buy wood.  On occasion, they would just end up drinking and cooking with the dirty, unboiled water, which would cause stomach pains and diarrhea.

Daisy had to find a solution. They could not keep spending this money, but needed to be drinking clean water for their health. As she thought about her options, she remembered the gift from her friend and investment partner, the magical water filter. Pulling it from the box in her storage, she figured out how to attach it to a water tank. Immediately she started getting clean and safe water right then and there! A water filter that didn’t seem as important at the time, now brought them health and savings in time and money. 

A child carries a container of water on their head

Looking to the future, she hopes to provide these filters to those that live in the other units because she knows firsthand the challenges of not having clean water. This will relieve them of the burden of walking miles to collect clean water, as well as save them time and money that they would have spent with the alternatives.

She gives a special thanks to her friend, Lou Haveman; “The water filter you gifted me has saved us from sickness as well as the expense and difficulties of purifying the local water. We now have access to clean water, no worries about buying it anymore.”

If you or someone you know could benefit from one of these simple, yet effective water filters, connect with us or your local Business Connect distributor. We would love to help you gain access to clean water through the VF100 water filter, a 0.1 micron filter that will provide you clean water without the need of electricity or replacement parts.

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