A VF100 filter is used in a public building to provide clean water.

Business Connect was created as a way to help those in developing countries start businesses and sell a product that is life enhancing. This thread has continued to be a part of our work throughout the years. Our model is to establish a country distributor and then have them work with additional distributors in those countries. Inversiones Wolfe Honduras (IWH), our Honduras country distributor, does just that. They have established relationships that allow them to encourage and help entrepreneurs grow. Here is a story from one of those entrepreneurs.

It all began with a simple call. One of IWH’s partners in the United States, Jim, who often traveled to Honduras to do development work, was looking for a way to support the local Hondurans he worked with. The locals would have work when volunteers visited, but were not able to have sustainable income for the long run. Jim was looking at employing the local workers by having them distribute the water filters, yet the Business Connect distributor reminded him of the importance of distributing the filters for a price. By selling the filters, there is ownership of the filters as well as increased adoption. An additional benefit of having a local distributor is that there is someone available for any needed services. The partner agreed and connected IWH with a Honduran he worked with named Ricky. 

Ricky has a great heart and entrepreneurial spirit. He immediately soaked up all of the information that IWH shared about building a water filter business, like partnering with local non-governmental organizations, setting up a storefront and doing his own clean water projects. Mike at Inversiones Wolfe Honduras was a wealth of information for the new entrepreneur, Ricky. He was also able to share about the legal aspects of starting a business, how to present the filters, and how to market his business. The support he received helped Ricky start his own water filter business that is impacting his local community. Additional communities are gaining access to clean water and Ricky is generating income to support himself.

Ricky is also now an important part of the Business Connect distribution network as a distributor in partnership with Inversiones Wolfe Honduras. Their heart to mentor new entrepreneurs is our hope for our entire network. We desire to continue to develop partnerships and small businesses that will continue to improve the quality of life in communities around the world.

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