Business Connect leaders stand smiling outside of the new Connect Building

At Business Connect, we have partners from all around the globe. We are thankful for the opportunity to connect with people from the Philippines to Honduras, and between. In addition to our international partners, we do have a small but mighty headquarter team based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our team’s offices and warehouse are located in a building called the Connect Building. This is a local community building that encourages local business growth and supports our international efforts in distributing water, sanitation and hygiene products.

The building was purchased and renovated with the goal to bring everything together in one place, increasing efficiency and fostering growth. Originally, Business Connect’s headquarter team worked out of their homes and the products were stored and processed in various warehouses. The move to the Connect Building brought a stronger sense of unity and allowed us to have a bigger presence in our local community.

The choice of location was a strategic one. As the Burton Heights Neighborhood continues to grow, we wanted to be a part of it. The building was centrally located for our team and allowed us to be community focused. We were able to hire many local workers to renovate the building and make it our own. As we developed our network, we also found local businesses that would rent out our extra space. This has continued to make the Connect Building a center for entrepreneurship, business development and networking. 

Currently, office space is rented by Monte Cristo Electric, Resilience Counseling, Sparkle and Shine, and Jackpot Tax Services. We hope to be an encouragement to these growing businesses. Through our network, we also have had the privilege of connecting with the owners of Restaurante Cancun El Pifas, who now rent our restaurant space. 

In addition, we have Business Connect manufacturing partners working out of the Connect Building. Village Water Filters, who produce the VF100 and other popular water filters, do their assembly out of our building. We even welcomed our newest addition to the Connect Building a few weeks ago, Crud Cloth. They manufacture a shower-in-a-bag which can be used for cleaning up when running water is not available.

As our presence continues to grow, we hope to have even more entrepreneurs work from our offices. The Connect Building has also become a community meeting place, hosting the Burton Heights Business Association and other community organizations. We are thankful that this building has allowed us to have a greater presence in our local community as well as better support our international network. If you are ever in the Grand Rapids area, stop by the Connect Building at 2146 Division Ave S and connect with us. We would love to welcome you to our headquarters.

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Business Connect features a wide assortment of essential and environmentally safe life-enhancing products to benefit families in crisis living in developing countries.

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