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Through our work at Business Connect, we get the privilege to collaborate with many great organizations. Whether it is a local business, a non-profit, or a clean water champion, we are thankful for every connection. One of those organizations is 28Bold and here is their story.

Back in 2013, Christan had a dream to go on a short term mission trip to South Africa, because she was always interested in the African continent, its people, and their long and short term needs. During the trip, she got to learn about South African culture, but she also saw poverty firsthand. This wrecked her and her one and done mission trip turned into something else. She had to do something. For her 30th birthday party, she decided to have donations collected to build a garden in one of the villages in lieu of gifts. The funds were needed for the initial seeds and gardening tools.

Packing up buckets to use with water filters

The following fall, she visited the village to see how everything was going. As she approached the plot of land, she found that it was all dried up. The villagers explained that they did not have the water needed to keep the garden alive. This shed light on a very big problem that many people around the world face. She also realized that there are so many parallels of Jesus being the living water, so she took this opportunity to share about living water and provide clean drinking water. 

Even though Christan was working a fulltime job and had three kids, she decided to start 28Bold, a non-profit that provides clean water to communities across Africa. The name originally came from Proverbs 28 which says “the righteous are bold as a lion.” Her organization was going to be bold and dive into these clean water projects. They began drilling boreholes in different villages so that they could have easier access to clean water.

For one of their projects, they decided to work in Madagascar. The island is unique in that it is surrounded by water, but remote villages still don’t have access to water. The villages were so remote that one could only visit them by foot or helicopter. There was no way to get the borehole drilling equipment there. A connection in Madagascar recommended Business Connect as a supplier of VF100 water filters which were purchased and provided to those people. 

Filling a glass from the VF100 water filter

The impact of the filter distribution was incredible. The communities living there suffered from severe water borne illnesses. One woman had large visible cancers on her body that were life-limiting. They also saw one child’s stomach wiggling because of worms from the water. The families were so grateful for the filters. Some had even walked for days through the rainforest to receive a filter for their family. 
This was one of the many projects that 28Bold completed. They are on a continued mission to be sustainable, building relationships with local pastors and partners as well as employing local well drillers. Even though the pandemic has slowed their progress, they still have upcoming clean water projects. For one of those projects, they will be providing VF100 water filters to the Maasai people on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. We are excited to share their updates in the future. You can learn more about their work by visiting 28Bold’s website. If you need VF100s for your upcoming clean water project, visit the Business Connect website.

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